Power University

Power University distills thousands of studies into practical strategies for
life success. You will learn the best people strategies across the board
from dating & relationships, to leadership & office politics.

Use it responsibly, and go get what you deserve.

What Power University alumni say…

“ Eye-opening, there is nothing like it. Especially not for women.
Kathy M.
Oslo, Norway
“Blown away. This material is so powerful that I can’t help but feel angry for having being “in the dark” for so long.
John S.
Los Angeles, USA
“ Literally the best investment you can make.”
Frank S.
London, UK
statue of machiavelli

Learn how to be bad…

… Because it’s the only way to win

Power dynamics is not a “nice to learn”.
It’s a fundamental life skill.

Machiavelli said it first:

A good person is ruined among the many who are not good

Machiavelli was right, and developing PQ (“power quotient”, a learnable aspect of social skills) is the best life insurance ever.

Power quotient is also a necessity if you want to acquire social status, climb social hierarchies, and generally succeed in life.
And the higher you want to go, the more you need it.

Luckily for you, you don’t need to learn with trial and errors. You just stumbled across one of the biggest life-hacks available.

Power University is the most complete course available on power, social strategies, and pro-social Machiavellianism.

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About the Instructor

Sociologist & Researcher of Human Nature

Power University teaches everything about power.

Lucio learned it with studies and research, but also the hard way, with his own life.

He started in life as an underdog.
But he was driven.

He had no role models, but demanded more of himself than some of the average men and leaders he encountered along the path.

To find his way up he had to carve his way up through trial and errors, studying, and strategizing.
And he never stopped climbing.

Power University is the culmination of this process. It’s his life’s work.

He curated and refined it to be the quickest, most effective way to train yourself in real-world power and personal success.

If you are a driven man who wants more, this might be for you.

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