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The program for turning “nice guys” into effective life winners.

We equip driven men with the confidence & skills necessary to acquire status, respect, & mates.

Power University Survey Data Results Shows…

  • Everyone improved his ability to gain status and respect -95% at least doubled it and more than half more than 10x it-
  • 85% doubled their confidence, and more than half increased their confidence by at least 10x
  • Everyone improved his leadership skills, close to 90% at least doubled them, and more than 60% increased them by at least 10x

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More than 10,000 men empowered themselves with this free 1-week mini-course:

Learn How to Be Bad…

…Because it’s the only way for good people to win

Machiavelli said it first:

A good person is ruined among the many who are not good

Niccolo’ Machiavelli

And he was right.

Understanding how power and people truly work, including their darker, selfish, and most manipulative selves, is foundational to do well in life.

Power University is a huge competitive advantage for anyone, and it’s a survival necessity for more good-natured people -even beyond success and goals, it’s about your very own health-.

Luckily, you don’t need to learn it with painful lessons -or no more than you’ve already had, at least-.
You’ve stumbled upon one of the biggest life hacks you will ever encounter.

Power University covers it all -“dark side” included-.
You will learn how to win in difficult environments, how to spot, handle, and even profit from all the people who are “not good” -and yes, you’ll also learn how to be more positively Machiavellian-.


I am completely blown away by this course.
I have an elite background, and never had a clue.
(…) But now… I can control frames on the fly.
(…) My partner started to be really attracted to me at a primordial level (…) Other women whom I find attractive approach me or show high interest
(…) I feel so much more confident

Power University

Turns your ambitions into reality

Do you have big goals, and are looking for the knowledge and skills to turn them into reality?
Power University may be for you then. It’s for good men who want to win, without selling their souls. We teach all that works to win, no holds barred, but also how to use it for win-win.
You can take a look at some of our free articles and guides. Thousands of men every single day study them. And because we give more to our customers, you’ll get 10x more compared to blog readers:

About the Author

Sociologist & Researcher

Power University teaches power to help you get what you want.

Lucio learned it with studies and research, but also the hard way, with his own life.

He started life as an underdog.
Twice an underdog for also being an idealist. Not a good combo.

But he was driven.
He had no role models, but demanded more of himself than the average men and leaders he encountered along the path.

To find his way up he had to carve his way up through trial and errors, studying, and strategizing.
And he never stopped climbing.

Power University is the culmination of it all: the ultimate blueprint for self-empowerment.

He curates and refines it as his life mission: to help good men win, lead, and succeed.

Trusted by Thousands of Winners

I’m a huge skeptic, especially when it comes to online products.
But I’m so happy I went ahead because Power University just works. I warmly recommend people to take Lucio’s course.
I increased my social intelligence many folds, improved my relationships, and feel 10 times more confident.”

Donald P.

Power University Alumni

“As an entrepreneur, Lucio’s power dynamics wisdom gave me the edge in multiple business situations.

Eddie E.

Power University Alumni

“As somebody who’s starting to come at the end of a career, literally the best investment you could make.
My only regret is not having found it earlier

John F.

Power University Alumni

Full disclosure: While the quotes are straight from alumni, we mixed some and anonymized names & faces.

It’s not just about you…

The world NEEDS empowered good men

If good men lose, we ALL lose.

When good men lose, more as*holes reach the top, more as*holes date the best women, more as*holes make the people around worse off, more as*holes take from us all… And we ALL lose.

Lest we all drown in a sea of quacks, takers, and as*holes, we need you to advance and win.
We all… The world needs your voice, contribution, and value.

The way we see it, empowering yourself is not only something you do for yourself. It’s a DUTY and moral obligation.

Power University Survey Data Results Shows…

power university satisfaction score survey result in bar chart

Overall, analysis of survey data shows that Power University consistently delivers exceptional results, to the vast majority of alumni, over all our core life competencies. The average satisfaction is 9.45/10.

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