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Power University distills thousands of studies into
practical strategies for acquiring power, mates, & riches.
If you ever wished to join the top 1%, this is for you.

Use it responsibly, and go get what you deserve.

statue of machiavelli

Learn How to Be Bad…

…Because it’s the only way to win

Machiavelli said it first:

A good person is ruined among the many who are not good

The Prince

And he was right.

Learning how people and power truly work is a necessity if you want to succeed in life.
And the bigger your goals, the more “power intelligence” becomes a necessity.

Luckily for you, you don’t need to learn with trial and error.
You’ve just stumbled upon one of the biggest life-hacks you will ever encounter.

Power University is the most complete course available on power, success strategies, and Machiavellianism.

This is your big pot of gold. Now you just need to start mining.


I am completely blown away by this course.

I have an elite background, and never had a clue.
But now… I can control frames on the fly.

– Janet Lowdown

Power University

Takes you to the top 1%

Power University is designed for personal transformation. Students 10x their social and life effectiveness.

  • High-power behavior
  • Charisma
  • Frame control
  • Leadership strategies

About the Author

Sociologist & Researcher of Human Nature

Power University teaches power to help you get everything you want.

Lucio learned it with studies and research, but also the hard way, with his own life.

He started in life as an underdog.
But he was driven.

He had no role models, but demanded more of himself than some of the average men and leaders he encountered along the path.

To find his way up he had to carve his way up through trial and errors, studying, and strategizing.
And he never stopped climbing.

Power University is the culmination of this process. It’s his life’s work.

He curated and refined it to be the quickest, most effective way to train yourself in real-world power and personal success.

If you are a driven man who wants more, this might be for you.

Business University
Power dynamics and strategies applied to the business world.
It includes career strategies, office politics, and “executive behavior” for fast advancement. For founders, it includes corporate culture, negotiation, and leadership.
Seduction University
Power dynamics and strategies applied to dating and seduction.
It includes seduction strategies, dating power dynamics, & the quickest path to the highest quality mate possible.
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Power University
All into one.
Power University provides you with foundational life skills for social effectiveness and life success.
It’s the quickest way to learn power dynamics, life strategies, and Machiavellianism.

Trusted by Thousands of Winners

“It works.
I warmly recommend people to take Lucio’s course.
I increased my social intelligence many folds.”

Kathy M.

“As an entrepreneur, Lucio’s power dynamics wisdom gave me the edge in multiple business situations.”

Eddie Edward

“I bought dozens of courses on social skills, dating, and PUA stuff.
I expected to re-read much of the same. Boy was I wrong. It’s the first time I’m hearing this stuff. I’m only 10% in, and I can already see how it can improve my life”

Mike Doe

“As somebody who’s starting to come at the end of a career, literally the best investment you could make.
My only regret is not having found it earlier”

John Edward

Note: While the quotes are real, some names and faces are anonymized. You can probably guess why. Many alumni don’t want the world to know they’re learning about power and Machiavellianism.


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