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Our alumni enjoy high status and respect in their social groups. Even when they’re not leaders. That makes your social life a real pleasure.

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Our alumni become 7 times more attractive to their partners—and to women. That makes your dating and relationships a lot easier.

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Our conclusion: nice guys lose because they’re clueless about the game of power

As Machiavelli aptly noted:

A good person is ruined among the many who are not good

In today’s parlance, nice guys are naive “social blue pills”.

Life is beautiful. But it’s also a competition for scarce resources.
Status, attractive mates, work promotions -everyone wants them. So these are all competitions, and all follow similar power dynamics principles. Those who don’t learn the rules of life’s competitions are bound to lose.

The “not-so-nice men” know that game.
And would rather keep you clueless so they can beat you easily.

In that sense, Power University is a survival necessity for kind-hearted, good, or too-nice men.

So now the question is… Will you finally address this?

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We Built Power University To Show You The Hidden Rules of The Game

And it works!

Our alumni become 8x more confident, get 6x more respect, and become 9x better leaders.
These are average self-assessment results from our students. Simply put: just by matching the average, you become a competent, confident, high-power man.

We deliver these crazy results thanks to our groundbreaking new approach

Other Courses Power University
General social skills:
❌ Stops at the basics 🚸
❌ Chase people for socializing
✅ You master social dynamics from A to Z
Others seek your friendship
Low-power “charisma:
❌ Teach high-energy without power 🤡
❌ Dancing monkey 🐒
✅ You learn to gain status & respect first
Then you become charismatic 🦁
❌ Don’t teach manipulation 👼
❌ Preach ‘authenticity’ omitting that not all deserve it 🐣
✅ You learn manipulation and…
Recognize good characters
Then you can be authentic 🤝
Low-value (PUA):
❌ Techniques & words to attract women
❌ No true desire
✅ You Become a high-value man
✅… And naturally attract women
Pop-psychology self-help:
❌ “Mantras” to build confidence
❌ Subliminals
❌ “Attract” success with thoughts
✅ You develop life competence
Build real confidence based on results
✅ Achieve goals with effective action
Dark psycho “hustlers”:
❌ Cheat & harm others
❌ Toxic relationships ☣️
❌ Sneaky & slimy 🪱
✅ You become an “honorable man”
✅ Add value to the world
✅ Be proud of who you become 🦅

I had read lots of books by Robert Greene before getting to know The Power Moves, and while I enjoyed them very much, the improvement in my life I got from those was essentially insignificant.
Jordan Peterson (…) is really useful, including the key concept (also in TPM) that unless you can think as an evil person, you already lost. (…)
In the end, Power University is simply the best source on how to become aware of power dynamics and use them to protect yourself and advance in life. It is the detail of the explanation and the comprehensiveness of the content that makes a difference.

Donald P.

Power University Alumni (public comment)

In the past I tried Charisma University but while I thought the content was good I didn’t feel like it worked well for me because the high energy style of charisma is quite exhausting for me, and I feel being quick to laughter and speaking through a smile etc makes me come across as low-power and makes people respect me less.
After going through CU and realizing it wasn’t for me I stumbled back here by accident and decided to join PU.
Needless to say, that was one of the best decisions I ever made.


Eddie E.

Power University Alumni (public comment)

travis power univeristy testimonial

PU definitively changed my life!
I basically lived my life by the book „How to Win Friends and Influence People“ (…) I gave more for absolutely nothing. I was an altruistic giver and a people pleaser.
I stumbled across PU.
Long story short – It was an eye-opening experience. It felt like learning the ability of the next higher layer of language. As if my vision became enhanced on so many levels. I slowely started to understand the true meaning of words, sentences and behavior. Thanks to PU I now was able to build strong win-win friendships and I feel more and more people start to look up to me. I‘m still only at ~30 % of the course but for me these learning would‘ve already on its own been worth 10x the price I paid.
I promote PU to all my friends because in my opinion it is a hidden Diamond.

Travis S.

Power University Alumni (TPM Discord comment)

N.B.: Real quotes, identities anonymized.

The Curriculum

These are only some of the key modules:

Our belief: empowering yourself is a duty…

… Because the world NEEDS good men to advance

The transformation we offer is great for you.

But you also do it for the world.
Because if good men lose, we ALL lose.

When good men lose, more assholes reach the top, more assholes date the best women, and more assholes take from us all… And we ALL lose.

Lest we all drown in a sea of quacks, takers, and assholes, we need you to advance and win.
We all need your voice and contribution.

The way we see it, empowering yourself is not only something you do for yourself. It’s a DUTY and moral obligation.

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✓ Gain everyone’s respect
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✓ Read people like open books
✓ Become naturally more attractive
✓ Get what you want out of life


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✓ Gain everyone’s respect
✓ Gain status
✓ Read people like open books
✓ Become naturally more attractive
✓ Get what you want out of life


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