Refund Policy

We’re here to transform lives, make you better off, and give value.

We get paid only if we also do that for you.

So in case you’re not satisfied:

Courses Refunds

You can request a refund within thirty (30) days of purchase.

You can also choose to “name the value”.
You tell us how valuable it was to you, and we send back the difference.

Refund Process

  1. Forward your receipt to connect at
  2. Tell us how we can make it even better: we want to hear your feedback on what could be even better to make you a happier customer

We offer few products, and of the highest quality. Please go through one product at a time because we offer refunds per product, not as bundles.

Coaching Refunds

You can refund a coaching call for 80% of its value if you cancel within 24h of the date and time of the call.
No-shows cannot be refunded.

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