Refund Policy

Power University & Seduction University Refunds:

We offer refunds for the course if requested within thirty (30) days from the payment, minus a 9.9 administrative fee and minus add-ons such as e-books and coaching.

Refund Process

  1. Forward your payment confirmation to connect at
  2. Tells us why it wasn’t for you, you don’t need to “justify” why, but we want your feedback to learn and improve

That’s it.

9.9 Refund Admin Fee

Why the administrative fee?

The administrative fee serves to selected for driven and motivate buyers who’ll make the most ouf of our elite products.

It also encourages people to do a minimum research rather than “buy and see”, it discourages attempts to “game” the system, and it saves our time as well.

The admin fee can serve as credit for future purchases, so if you decide to re-enter any course at a later date, it will be reimbursed to you.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are binding commitments to end the payment cycle and can only be canceled within the 30 days money-back guarantee.

Several products at once

The refunds are per product.

Such as, you can purchase an ebook, or a course, and ask for a refund.

But it’s not possible to combine more than one course and/or ebook at once and ask for a refund on them all. 

And the same applies to sequential purchases.
If you purchased more than one product and asked for a refund on a product, then the guarantee on the second product is voided.

You can only pick one to be refunded.

Double Charges Refunds

Rarely, users mistakenly buy the same product twice.

Whenever someone at catches double charges, it refunds them.

However, please note that there is no automated system to scan and automatically refund double payments, so it’s up to the user to make sure he doesn’t purchase the same product twice.
The admin fee (9.9) is per processing, so it’s applied to all charges. It’s up to to decide whether to waive the admin fee in exceptional circumstances.

Website & Course Accessibility

In the unlikely event should become permanently unavailable at a future date and for whatever reason, you are entitled to a refund if you are still within the refund period.

The Power Moves does not extend a lifetime warranty in case the service should become unavailable after the refund period expires.

That being said, The Power Moves plans to stick around for the long haul.

Forced Refunds & Denial of Access

The Power Moves reserves the right to initiate a refund and remove access for whatever reason and at any time.

If the access is revoked, the user receives a pro-rated refund based on time and usage.


There are no refunds for coaching.

To request a refund:

Super simple:

  1. Forward your payment confirmation to connect at so we can find your transaction and process it faster.
  2. Tells us why it wasn’t for you, you don’t need to “justify” why, but we want your feedback to learn and improve