Power University Refunds (and all other courses):

We offer refunds if requested within thirty (30) days from the payment date.

Note that the last module, together with the ebooks and a few key lessons, releases after 32 days. 
The dripping system serves a two-fold purpose: it helps students absorb information at a healthy pace, and it helps prevent abuse against the system.
This website was born to empower people, and that includes helping them protect against abuse. That spirit is embedded in this website’s digital fabric, and the refund system of Power University is designed to protect against abuse.
The lessons students have access to are more than enough for them to evaluate if the course is good for them. But the last lessons and the ebooks will not be released to the very few ones with the intention of “gaming the system”.

Note: this is a general warranty.
In borderline cases of obvious abuses to the system, The Power Moves maintains the right to ask customers to seek a refund through their payment providers.
The Power Moves will stand by the final decision of the payment provider.
If you’re a normal user who is not sure whether the program is a good fit for him or not, you don’t have to worry about this: this clause is for abusive behavior, and users who don’t see value in the exchange are promptly refunded.


The ebooks have a 30-days money-back guarantee per ebook.

Such, as it’s not possible to buy all the ebooks at once and ask for a refund on them all. 
And the same applies to sequential purchases. If you asked for a refund on an ebook, then the guarantee on the second one is voided.

Again, this is to protect against abuse.

The guarantee on the ebook is a modular guarantee. You can ask for a full refund if you truly saw no value whatsoever.
Or you can ask for a partial refund.

Subscription Refunds:

We offer refunds of your latest charge if requested within three (3) days of the billing date for monthly subscriptions.
Your subscription will end the moment your refund is processed.
We don’t offer refunds on one-off, non-recurring subscriptions -the weekly and yearly options-.

Several products at once

If you buy the course, the ebooks, the subscription, or a mix of different products, you can pick one item to be refunded.

Again, the logic is to prevent potential abuse, such as that someone might buy the course and the ebooks, then ask for a refund for everything once he’s had access to all the material.

If you are not sure whether the products add value to you, please purchase them separately.

Website & Course Access Refunds:

In the unlikely event ThePowerMoves.com should become permanently unavailable at a future date and for whatever reason, you are entitled to a refund if you were still in the refund period.

The Power Moves does not extend a lifetime warranty in case the service should become unavailable after the refund period expires.

That being said, The Power Moves plans to stick around for the long-haul.

Coaching Refunds:

Distance coaching sessions can be canceled up to 24 hours before the session is scheduled to take place.
Later cancelations incur a 50% fee.

Super-short notice cancelations are not possible to avoid wasting time.
In-person coaching sessions must be canceled within 2 weeks of the scheduled date.
Cancellations between two weeks and one week prior to the agreed time are subject to a 50% fee. Cancellations received later than one week prior to a live coaching session cannot be refunded.
NO SHOWS: No shows cannot be refunded. 
NO BOOKINGS: You have thirty (30) days from the booking date to schedule a coaching session; after thirty days your payment can no longer be refunded.

To request a refund:

  • Email: Connect (ät) ThePowerMoves (d0t) com