Refund Policy

Courses Refunds

You can request a refund for the full price of our courses within thirty (30) days of purchase.

We offer an innovative “you name the value” refund policy: you tell us how valuable it was to you, and we send back the difference (and you can also ask for a full refund).

Refund Process

  1. Forward your payment confirmation to connect at
  2. Give us feedback to help us improve: since we always want to learn and improve we’d like to hear your feedback on what could be even better to make you a happier customer (and if one day you’ll come back, chances are we may have taken action on your preferences)
  3. Name what it was worth to you and we’ll refund the difference (and yes, you can also say “refund the full payment”)

Coaching Refunds

You can refund a coaching call for 90% of its full value if you cancel within 24h of the date and time of th ecall.

After 24h you can refund for 50% of the full value.

No-shows cannot be refunded.

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