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Ask women this (crazy) question - and judge them by their reply

When I was sitting in Berlin I only dated in two places:

  • a gay bar nearby an Italian restaurant where I knew waiters & owners (I'd do either the restaurant or the bar, sometimes one after the other)
  • a walk around Kudamm, a famous street near the zoo, watch the monkeys, and then go with the flow

Watching the monkeys, I'd always ask women this question:

Me: Would you shoot a monkey for 10.000 Euros?

monkey within crosshair

If they'd say no, I would insist.

How about 50.000 Euros.

And then:

How about 1 million Euros.
Oh come on, you're not even sure you're gonna hit one from here. Imagine all you could do with that money.
You could buy all the shoes you want, travel the world... Heck, you could even save a thousand monkey with that money.

The answer women give you are very insightful.

Most women deny they would shoot a monkey.
But how they deny will still give you important information.

Let's review the different types of answer and what they communicate:

The Bland "No, I wouldn't"

Answering "no", but without any passion to it might be the most common reply.

It's also the answer where it's the most likely that she is putting on a social mask to avoid looking "bad".

These girls do not pass the test: they show themselves as being boring, flat, unable to see a good opportunity for dialog and information gathering, and acritically going with the social expectation.

The "No, are you crazy??"

If they act like you're being crazy and stupid to even ask that, and that such a question is making you look bad for even asking it, that can be a good sign.

She has some strong moral boundaries which, at least at first blush, she's not willing to barter for money.
If she takes a judge role and shames you for just asking it's also a good sign: she wants emotionally stable men, with good values. And that suggests that she's an emotionally stable woman., with good values. Both signs of quality

The "not for 10k, 1million, maybe"

These girls are more on the rational side.

They will not flat out deny but won't take the first offer either.
They will think about the money, the pain that killing an animal would cause, and they will try to make a quick cost-benefit analysis on the fly.

The follow-up question you must ask here is:

How would you spend that money?

If she would spend at least some of it for good pro-social causes, that's a great sign.
She wants to make up for the pain she caused and give something back.
She saw the opportunity, realized that she could reach win-win-win, and she picked that one.

These girls pass the test -hinging upon where you stand on animal rights-.

The "No, I don't need the money"

This is one of my favorite replies.

The "no" here is not just grounded on personal values, but also stems from her general attitude towards money.
It's the "no, because I got enough" and "no because I don't need more".
It's not necessarily that she's rich, but she just doesn't care that much about money. She is the polar opposite of a gold digger.

This is similar to my own attitude.
If someone gave me 10.000 cash it would probably make my day, but definitely not extend long enough to make my whole week. I'd say "yeah, put it in the bank", and then nothing would change.

My life wouldn't change much even if it were 1 million.
I'd still be doing the exact same things.

And I love that same attitude in a woman.
A woman who is more driven by experiences, emotions, feelings, and passions rather than money, that's very attractive.

Avoids answering

If she acts slightly put off and avoids replying, it's possible that it's a yes but she's uncomfortable with lying.

These girls don't pass the test.

The Raw Honesty of Saying "Yes"

Surprisingly, a few women actually said yes.

I clearly remember one saying "yes" straight up, very flat tonality.
No emotions, no personal turmoil, no nothing. Not good.

One was even better and more Machiavellian about it.
It went like this:

MeWould you shoot a monkey for 10.000 Euros?
: Would there be people around?
Me: No. Nobody would know anything, and you can't be prosecuted for it
Her: (slight pause, lower volume, submissive gaze, as she if was admitting to something bad) Then yes

Somehow, I am perversely attracted to this type of reply.
Part of it is the attraction that a dark side can muster.
Part of it is the show of submissiveness.
But a good chunk of it, is the raw honesty.
I love raw honesty in a woman.

While this reply is dangerous for possible signs of anti-sociality, she is also showing her full and true self. She is being extremely vulnerable and sincere. In a way, she is complimenting you as well: she deems as you as a guy who can stomach the truth, and deal with her for who she really is.
It's a somewhat dark bubble that is forming: you two are in your own special bubble. It's composed of the only two people around who can freely share their darkest selves with each other.

Raw honesty is not just attractive to me, though. Men are not used to raw honesty, and that's why women's raw honesty is so disarming.
And it's one of the reasons why I often advise women not to hide their happiness when a man is contacting them. The raw honesty of "showing her cards" takes men by surprise.
And it's a positive surprise. He feels special, wanted, and like this could be a truly special relationship without the games he's used to.

The problem with this reply

The problem, of course, is that in the future and in case of breakup or divorce, you might become the monkey who gets shot.
The girl is basically telling you straight up she doesn't have many qualms in potentially causing pain to another living creature. And the step between animals and humans is not that big.

But then again, in case of divorce you'd probably lose your shirt with most of the ladies who said "no" anyway.

The difference is that the honest girl will be more honest about wanting to take as much as possible from you.
While the "no, are you crazy girls" will spin stories in their head that you deserve to lose as much as possible. That way, they can keep their self-image of being overall good persons.

The "No, but what about you?"

This is another answer I love.

These are the girls who are also assessing you.
They might be wondering "why is he asking this, is this guy testing me, or is he a bit crazy?"
Or they want to use this occasion to also test your own values.

This is very good: these are women who don't leave their dating lives to chance, and it's a sign of quality.

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