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Bangkok, Thailand: 8/10


  • Beauty Rating: 7 / 10
  • Quality of Girls: 6 / 10
  • Chance of Hooking up: 8 / 10

Bangkok is very international, yet the English of most people is still very poor and language barriers will be a thing for the majority of your interactions.

Bangkok, and Thailand in general, is famous for sexual tourism.
Yet, different people have different of what it means to have a good time from a sexual point of view, and most just pay money. That means that Thailand is full of prostitutes.
And the concentration is at the highest right where there are more people and tourists.

Paid sex is a sort of "tragedy of commons" game: if nobody paid for sex, then non-paid sex would be much easier for everyone.
But many people will just go for the shortcut, and those who don't want to pay for sex will have to live with hordes of prostitutes.

If you see a pretty girl around one of the focal points of tourist concentrations, such as Sukhumvit and Silom for example, there is probably a 50% chance she's a prostitute.
And if she's skimpily dressed, make it 70%.
That's why the "chances of hooking up" are "only" 8/10 in my review: a big portion of the attractive girls here move into professional prostitution. And albeit some guys seem to bundle paid sex with consensual sex, I keep the two very far apart.

However, there are still plenty of non-professional girls, including pretty ones.
Thailand and Thai girls have a reputation for "easy sex", and for good reasons, if you're a white tourist: you will meet plenty of girls who will quickly and easily come back to your place.

But that might be misleading: Thai girls are quite extreme in their curve distribution when it comes to short-term sex disposition. Indeed there are also far more reserved and sexually inexperienced women than in the West.
Of course, they're more hidden: you're not gonna meet them in bars and clubs: the girls there are either the paid pros or the promiscuous party girls -often looking for foreigners-.

The Christmas Romance

I had a few good encounters in BKK.
I pulled twice from the neraby mall for two same-day lays and twice I met them later after exchanging contact in the mall -one super pretty I had sex with, the other was a (former) hooker, kept-woman by a wealthy Chinese guy and didn't have sex with-.

By far the best was a Chinese traveler I met on Christmas, though.
In part, because it was Christmas. But mostly, because she had great English, was a cool girl, we totally opened up to each other, and we just had a good time together.

She wasn't the prettiest, but was by far the most memorable.
Which again goes to show that, even for women, looks are not the end-all, be-all.

We then went into the night and had a few drinks together, as my face shows

Food: 5/10

Thai food is not my favorite, but you can get everything in Bangkok.

The Big Mango is an international metropolis, so you can easily find high quality food both from high-end malls and from the many good restaurants.

Beauty: 5/10

In terms of architectonics, it's not the most beautiful city, but it's cleaner than some other SE Asian cities.

General Quality Of Life: 9/10

If you like big cities, Bangkokg offers everything.

It's not so cheap these days, with the Thai Baht at historical highs, plus you're in the capital and prices are always higher in big cities.
But it's still far cheaper than most Western cities.

There is some traffic of course, but not nearly as bad as other SE Asian cities like Jakarta or Saigon, and it's partly because public transport is surprisingly good.

All modern condos have a gym and a swimming pool, and that's awesome.

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I like the women of  Thailand and I often go there (also for the cheap dental work, to be honest 😀 ).



Yeah, it's a great place.
It's also quite safe, on average, which makes for good peace of mind and the freedom of just walking around at night without being too worried is great.

I haven't had experience with dental clinics -or clinics in general- though.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?