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Cebu City: 6/10

Women: 8/10

  • Beauty Rating: 8 / 10
  • Quality of Girls: 7 / 10
  • Ease of Hooking Up: 10 / 10

I had some trysts from online dating and girls met at the mall.

One was particularly interesting, as I approached rather serious, little to no smiling, and very high in power and sexual energy.
That's what I miss sometimes from even the good pick-up artists like Todd Valentine: they're sometimes too jokingly, too nice... Too low in intensity and power.
And that's all good and OK.
But when you're not feeling social, or when you're feeling particularly good, then you should always be able to go in with raw sexual intensity. It's low investment, respecting one of the basic laws of power, and high sex intensity, which can lead to blitzing quick seductions.

I walked beside her on the escalator and just said in a very neutral voice: "Hey, hi. I think you're cute, and I wanted to meet you". Then stuck my hand out and left the silence put social pressure on her.
Then we exchanged contact, and we stopped for a while on top of the elevator as it was raining hard. But me on one side, her on another side, without even talking, I wasn't forcing comfort or trying to look nice.
And guess what did she do? She came back to me to make sure I got her contact right -it was right-.

Then I walked to the restaurant I wanted to go to, didn't even try to stick together.
And the texting was straight to the point:

simple text to hookup

The texting approach is similar, just a little bit more on the chatty and social side.
But wastes no time in getting back into the mood, and she readily takes the bait because she was well-primed by the approach ("romantically sit by the window", LOL, that must the most ridiculous transition ever).
Had I been more friendly and smiley in person, there was no way I could have moved this quickly.
Notice also that I'm not afraid of using lots of smileys. You don't have to worry of coming across as too cutesy if you can make a good impression in person

The next one was the best, though.
Perfect breast, and we got along really well, too.
I was worried a period-induced bloodstain on the bed was going to be a hurdle. I did some shenanigans to cover it, like putting a towel on it and then covering it with my body.
Eventually, the truth came out though, and it wasn't a hurdle at all.

When you get out "found out", the best and most powerful thing you can do frame-wise is to own it.
I replied honestly to her questions, and that actually sped up the seduction.

Food: 8/10

I sat next to a modern and upscale mall on purpose, so I could find high-quality food of any kind.

Beauty: 4/10

Most cities in the Philippines are ugly, and Cebu isn't much of an exception.

General Quality Of Life: 7/10

Less traffic than Manila, and not as bad pollution. Slightly safer too.

My rating is inflated for how I personally live in these cities, though.

I stopped here to do some work and live a simple life that looks a bit like this:

  • Wake up and do my routine
  • Work
  • Order food online
  • Work out or swim
  • Enjoy the food
  • Chill a bit, then work again
  • Evening out in the mall, meet some people, or attend some Meetups
  • Back home and work again

I like sometimes to stop in a city for that type of life.
I get a lot of work done and it's a bit like living in a resort. But you live in a city instead without too many tourists, without as many professional hookers and ladyboys, and with better food and facilities -and less costs-.

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