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Forum Text Formatting Has Less Options

I may be missing something obvious here.

The bar for text formatting seems to come with less options, namely

  1. No header option (Header 1, Header 2, paragraph, ...)
  2. No text sizing

Maybe this simplifies the overall user experience on the forum.
Though it does impede my expression over text a little.

Keen to hear whether everyone is observing the same change.

True, very good observation, Matthew.

With the theme change, I also decided to simplify things as much as possible and to keep the plugins to the bare minimum (a simple policy of "the less you have, the less can break", and the more stable and resilient you are, plus some faster loading speed as well).

I recently deactivated -but not yet deleted- this one here:

This plugin adds a few functions both in the post editor and, as you also found out, in the forum editor.

I'm pondering whether to keep it or not.
I also miss the headers / size, since they were useful for breaking up the text (one OR the other would be Ok, but with neither of them available breaking up longer text is more challenging).

Going to raise the issue with the forum developer as well, maybe they have something brewing on their end, or they'll go in that direction with some prodding.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Wordpress plugins are not the most flexible sometimes.
The simplified bar does look good and less cluttered.

I will use bold and underline to indicate my headers in posts meanwhile.

Interesting to see how the plugins develop over time.
Probably there was no UI/UX design-oriented input into these plugins.
Or it could a long standing legacy on the web.

I noticed some creative ways from Lucio in indicating headers in posts through

  1. Bold
  2. Underline
  3. Capitalisation

Some examples to explore

HEADER 1 - Bold, Underline & Capitalisation

HEADER 2 - Bold & Capitalisation

Header 3 - Bold and Underline

Header 4 - Bold Only

Example Post


Lorem Ipsum

Header 3a 

Lorem Ipsum

Header 3b

Lorem Ipsum

Great ideas, Matthew.

I've also noticed that @aliscarlett managed bigger fonts on another thread:

How did you make it, Ali?


Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Not sure how Ali did it, but if you write your texts in another program like libreoffice you just need to copy paste:






This also comes with the upside of having a copy in case something fails plus checks for correct wording and even grammar through extensions -and now that I think about- templates.


Hi guys,

I usually hop over to my Yale forum post where I already have a bunch of headers.

Then, I simply copy/paste one of the headers and change the words. The formatting stays the same after.

So, for example, I copy/paste this header from the Yale forum post here:

Bullet Summary

Then change the words to what I want it to say:

Formatting Conversation

I repeat this process wherever and whenever needed. Hopefully, this helps 🙂

Thank you guys!

Two cases of simple, yet genius ideas.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

In case someone is missing those dividers, there is a small trick to get something similiar:


It's the strikethrough applied to empty space (though only tested on desktop, not sure if it looks as intended on mobile as well).