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Leadership: men must assess the likelihood of her following his lead before leading

If a man leads and a woman refuses to follow, that could spell doom for the seduction.

That's why before leading, men should be confident she will follow.

One way of doing it is to never ask for anything huge too early and to "work the way up" the leadership ladder.
Such as, starting with smaller requests before going for bigger ones.

And once he has achieved his objective, he can think of strategically taking a break instead of "risking" again to tasker her, tell her to do something or try to move her somewhere.

And men should strategically not risk when there is no upside.

Some days ago I made such a mistake:

I was saying goodbye to a girl after a good conversation and after we had agreed on a date the day after.
Wanting to end on an even bigger note, I told her to follow me and I'd show her something on the way.
I made a mistake and made my request sound like a much bigger commitment than it actually was. She hemmed and hawed, and there and then I knew there would be no date the following day.

It was an unneeded risk to take at the time: little to no upsides because I couldn't have stayed with her much longer and lots of downside risks in case she would have refused.
Those are the times when men should avoid asking her to follow his lead.

We also saw in the course an example of an unneeded risk in tasking her too early.
It was on online dating:

dating power moves example

That was an example of a leadership escalation which entailed too big of a risk.
It was too early and I had no leverage (yet).

In those cases, it's often best to go along and then makeup points later on.

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Great point. Having been trained in the PUA stuff, the concept of leadership as many other things in the PUA stuff is deformed and ill-explained.

They tell you to move her around and test her compliance but they are not taking into account the power differential. So if the power differential is not in your favor (yet), i.e.: you haven't given her or shown her any promise of enough value for her to give you compliance in exchange for such value. "I follow you so I can stay around you".

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Yes, if you don't think you can win an early domination showdown, taking a small loss and making back points later on is often the best strategy.

As a matter of fact, the more you are confident about yourself and your inner qualities, the more you can afford to take a small loss early on, since you know that you will more than makeup for it.

Once she will be either happy to be with you, afraid of losing you, or more worried about pleasing you than playing games, then those early exchanges will not matter one bit.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?