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Manila 3/10 (& the baddest bitch ever)

Women: 8/10

  • Beauty Rating: 8/10
  • Quality of Girls: 6/10
  • Ease of Hooking Up: 9/10
  • Relationship potential: 8/10

As the capital city of the country and with the country's biggest international business center, Manila attracts driven women from the provinces.
And with a big red-light district, it also attracts attractive women looking for a quick buck.

Since a lot of families are poor and education is expensive, even attractive and smart girls often have to go for the shortcut: they either sell themselves or look for a sponsor (rather than leveraging beauty to make it through life on their own as in the West).

The culture generally is one of easy hookups.
However, it's a big city.
You can find many beautiful women who are also good relationship prospects and who don't sleep around with just about anyone -or any foreigner-.

The Baddest Bitch Ever

If one were to ask what’s the most attractive woman I have been with, I wouldn’t be sure what to reply.

Beauty comes in different forms and shapes, and “attractive” and “beautiful” aren’t even exactly the same thing.

However, if one were to ask me “what’s the baddest bitch you’ve ever been with”, the answer would be easy.
It’s this lady I have met in Manila.

You couldn’t easily pinpoint her ethnicity.
Born in a melting pot autonomous city, she is herself a mix of different races and cultures. And with the blonde hair and blue contact lenses she looks deliciously beyond categorization. A true intercultural player. I like that.

When I first laid eyes on her, I was thinking she might be a high-class hooker dating outside of work. But I was wrong. She was too proud -and too feminist- to sell her body, and smart enough to make her money without sex -she'd hire other women for that-.
She was well spoken, witty, and confident.

The date was awesome because we had a good chemistry, I was curious to really get to know her, and she was very open in sharing herself, flaws and low points of her life alike -and she had some-.
We joked a lot on her drive to win and all the nonverbal games she plays.

Her English was very good, and she speaks 5 more languages.
She used them to lure rich international men into the gambling casino, where she started working while still a teenager.
By now you can see why I wanted to know more about her. I wanted to learn how she enticed rich men to fly to another country and throw money around.

Among her "crazy stories" we shared, she broke a bottle in the face of a guy who grabbed her boobs.
Ambulance and police arrived, and she managed to get away without consequences.

She likes and emulates Harley Quinn.
I didn't know her, but it's The Joker's woman, and that says a lot about her:

For all her brazen sexuality, she said she had only been with two men in her life.
Albeit you can never be sure, judging by how forthcoming she was about her unflattering life stories, I gave it good odds she was being honest.

Before she had to leave for work, we sat to another bar.
One of the bartenders knew her, hugged her, made a big show around her, and then sent over our table two free drinks.
He was a bartender at a bar she was managing, she explained.
It’s small details, but it’s small details that give her power. And if you don’t handle it well, you look like a hanger on orbiting around her star.

When we went to pay, she went to the bathroom.
Beside the counter there was a gay man dressed in showy Japanese-style clothes, looking like he owned the place -he was a consultant to help get the place off the ground, he explained-.
I took the opportunity to get some social proof. I talked to him, and kept talking when she came back. Then I turned to her, said “you need to go, right?”, and bid farewell to the consultant.
As we leave, the guys tells her “you look magnificent, darling”. And he says nothing of me. Damn! Just when you need a gay guy to raise your value, he stabs you in the back 🙂 (walking her back, I comment that “that was so gay of him”, which also somewhat neutralizes it).

I walk her to her transport, bid her farewell, stay until she looks around, and we wave goodbye.

Note: Stay Until She Turns Around
When you bid her farewell, it's such a simple yet gallant touch to wait a few second until she gets in the car/bike/train and then turns around to look at you from the window. 
The alternative, to start walking away right when she gets into the car, is a big nonverbal "fuck you". I do it sometimes, but only when it was a bad date to clearly communicate "that was it".
But if you had a good time, and/or wanna see her again and/or consider a possible relationship, stay until she turns around and wave goodbye.

This was in the middle of January, and 2 days later I left without an opportunity to schedule another date.
No big deal, I was glad for a good date together and for having learned a few new things. But at the same time I definitely wanted to see this woman again.
I pinged her a few times, she never wrote first but always replied. We exchanged a few jokes and that was it.

Then I was back in Manila end of January after visiting the north of the country. It was a stopover of a few days only. She was not feeling well, I invited her over, she seemed open to it, but in the end it just didn’t happen. And I was leaving the day after -being a traveler sometimes makes it more difficult-.

This time I pinged her at the end of February only, after almost one month.
A couple of texts, teased her, then dropped it after she replied with a one day delay.
Then at the beginning of March I tell her we still have a second date to schedule (I was stopping in Manila on the way to Singapore before Coronavirus upturned my travel plans):

Notice that in spite she’s obviously a high SMV woman, she is still avoiding "chase me games" and going for a collaborative approach. Plus points for her. On the other hand, she didn't prepare shit in the end :D, which takes several points off if one was considering a relationship

Second Date

When I think about it, this was probably the first woman in probably 8 or 9 months whom I had seen for a second time :S.

And it was well worth it.
She was even more unique than I had originally thought.
Among other things, she performed lone high-risk work carrying concealed guns strapped on her thigh. Impressive, and sexy in a way that Lara Croft is sexy. Truly remarkable stuff, but can't go more in details.

We met around 8pm and had a great evening together. Time flew and left us both surprised when we realized it was almost 3 am.
We ate, drank wine, opened our hearts, made love, made out, listened to music and sang. She could even sing a couple of Italian songs:

A few interesting notes on our second date:

  • No matter how high in power a woman is, when you’re about to penetrate her, you’re the one in power (see: relationships power dynamics)
  • From the moment I started escalating, she laughed out of nervousness. Being out of control made her very uncomfortable
  • It was easy to win all "power showdowns" such as silences and gazes because she was uncomfortable with 1:1 intimacy and being oneself. Social power doesn't translate into personal power unless you're truly comfortable with yourself (see "fundamental laws of power")
  • She was uncomfortable with intimacy after sex, like hugging naked in silence
    • That suggested me she is out of her water when she can’t play the social strategies she’s learned (sociopaths have little innate feelings, and are only comfortable in situations in which they learned to put on an act)
    • It corroborated her story that she wasn’t sexually experienced indeed

Can A High-Functioning Sociopath Be High Value?

This woman is truly remarkable.

Attractive, very driven, very confident, very smart. That's a strong combo right there. She excelled in what she did, advanced from luring customers to a high managerial position in the gambling industry.
That's a move smart women do: the dumb ones keep banking on their looks and get chewed up and spit out when they get older. The smart ones transition, save money, and invest.

She experienced the world in ways that 99.9% of people never will, and she's the kind of woman who can wow people with her presence -and be intimidating to many men-.
In that sense, she is a high value woman.
But in her own way. Not the type of stable woman who gets into top schools and advances through the ranks in "normal" office jobs.

She is high in sociopath traits (high in power, high in Machiavellianism, high in risk-taking behavior, and high in need for stimulation).
In that way, she is also not a good candidate for long-term relationships. And that takes a lot of points away.
It's also a type of personality who is far more likely to get into troubles, or get hooked into various addictions.

Ultimately, I think that the more stable way of being high quality, such as lower in power, somewhat less life-experienced, but more stable, is superior.

Food: 7/10

In the central areas you can find many good options.

Beauty: 1/10

Don't stop here unless you're doing the condo-with gym & swimming pool kind life. Even then, just for a few days, and pick one close to the airport or you might get stuck in traffic for hours.

General Quality Of Life: 1/10

Pollution, criminality, and some the worst traffic in the world.
I would take cold Berlin during the worst winter over Manila -and I hate cold :)-.

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"It is the most densely populated city proper in the world as of 2019."

Quote from Stef on September 30, 2020, 11:46 am

"It is the most densely populated city proper in the world as of 2019."

Oh wow, I didn't know that, but had to check it out.

Interesting stats, albeit around the center it doesn't feel nearly as bad as, say, Hong Kong, or even central Tokyo. I think it's the surrounding slums with heaps of makeshift "houses" that pushes up the density.

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No matter how high in power a woman is, when you’re about to penetrate her, you’re the one in power

  • Pretty sure this apply to men more so, maybe the ultimate my bitch power move 🙂


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Lucio Buffalmano
Quote from Stef on October 1, 2020, 7:43 am

No matter how high in power a woman is, when you’re about to penetrate her, you’re the one in power

  • Pretty sure this apply to men more so, maybe the ultimate my bitch power move ?


Yep, very good point :).
Should also be a good reminder for men who think they're naturally higher power just for having a dick and being the active party in the man/woman relationship.

In some situations, it's definitely the ultimate "my bitch" power move.

Imagine it like a sexual frame war. He wants to make you his bitch, you don't want.
If you fight back and refuse to submit, you refuse that frame. If he gets it by force / cunning (some trans use roofie on unsuspecting men :S), then it was forced upon you, but you still never submitted to the "my bitch frame".

You can also fight the frame by not being fearful in future interactions, or by getting revenge.

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