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Suggestion: make the article printable

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Hello Lucio,

as you know I'm a dedicated student of social skills and human nature. So I would like to print articles like this one in order to study them better. However, so far there is no "Print to PDF" option on the website.

I'm aware I can use the one from Chrome, but the formatting is not as nice (too large) and the videos are still present.

Do you think it would be possible? I think it would add value. At least to readers like me.


This is a tool to help convert HTML to PDF:

Lucio Buffalmano has reacted to this post.
Lucio Buffalmano

Hello Matthew,

yes but it’s not the same as making the format of the article specific for the PDF format (what I’m proposing)

I see where you are coming from.
You would like the article without the sidebars into a PDF.
Maybe in like a research paper format.

More or less. I want the text of the images to fit a reasonable number of pages and to be adapted to the print format. To be easy and agreeable to read on paper.

Hey John,

There are a few tools that could help doing that, the only issue is that they add "coding overhead".
The more of those extensions you add, on average, the heavier, slower, and more likely to break the whole thing becomes.

So I've made my goal to keep it as lean as simple as possible.
I'd rather look for an external service that can do that, rather than add one website-specific.

Also, since the video are often such an integral part of the articles, I always felt articles would lose a lot without them.

Community, new content and Charisma University moved here.

I totally get your perspective. This is mine. 🙂

Hi John,

I'm guessing you tried using the Ctrl + P hotkey and weren't satisfied with the print format.

If you use Evernote, you can convert the page into a printable document without much hassle by selecting Article.

Matthew Whitewood has reacted to this post.
Matthew Whitewood

Thanks for the tip!
Never knew Evernote could do that.
I should check out Evernote again.

I don't use Evernote, but that's good to know. Do you have an example?

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