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Test your girl by tasking her with these words: "go get it, baby" - then judge her reaction

A simple way of testing women for:

  • General submissivness
  • Submissivness to you
  • Cooperative or confrontational attitudes
  • Attitudes towards power and relationship power dynamics

When you're sitting and you need to get something, don't get up.
Instead, explain where it is and then say something like this:

You: yeah, it's in that cupboard there, go get it baby (then stay silent, turn over her and look at her expectantly, let social pressure pile up)

You can accompany your command with a slight pat on her back if you're sitting. And if you're standing and want to overdo it even more, with a light slap on her ass.

Now the tests here are actually two:

  • Whether she executes the tasks
  • Whether she pushes back on the "baby" keyword

"Baby", together with the light slap, is slightly demeaning, but it's done on purpose.
For those who've taken Social Power, this is a "babying power move" that frames you as a powerful father figure, and frames her as the low in power, submissive girl.

If she objects the word "baby" but still does it, she accepts your power over her, but wants that power to be delivered in a respectful manner.
She might have imbued a bit of the feminist culture, or she might have a natural feel for power dynamics (feminist women will have "patriarchy alarm bells" go off all over the place with the word "baby", and it can be great fun :D). However, this is good: you don't want women who take all kinds of shit without at least making it known that they didn't appreciate.

If she objects the way you're tasking but eventually does it, you're likely dealing with a girl who is willing to contribute and do her part, but expects you also do the same.
This is also good.
Just make sure from then on you assign tasks in a kinder fashion.

If she rejects the task and does not budge, you are either dealing with a girl who doesn't accept you as the relationship leader, or with a girl who is more about winning than team work.
This is bad.

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