Recommended Books

These are some of the books and resources we endorse based on our mission.

They stand out as reinforcing, improving, or proving our message, mission, and philophy.

Think of it as a list of “books like The Power Moves” and a “TPM approved and endorsed” list.

Leadership BS: Summary & Review

Exposes the limitations (and lies) of naive self-help within the leadership industry. A fundamental read for anyone who aspires to becoming a leader (and aye-opener for many).

The Social Strategist: Summary & Review

Provides an easy-to-digest overview of many of TPM’s most foundational approaches and strategies, including novel examples of how to use and apply certain strategies and techniques

The Gervais Principle: Summary & Review

Revolutionary take on career (and life) success based on power-awareness and dark-triad levels.
Power-aware sociopaths sit at the top. The naive and conscientious mid-manager are workhorses who get the crumbles. (warning: avoid over-cynicism. Good people can win and skills also matter)

Who’s Pulling Your Strings? Summary & Review

Great overview of interpersonal manipulation.
To stop manipulation you need to change and empower yourself.
And overly cynical people need to change mindset or else they CREATE their own win-lose reality.

The Dictator’s Handbook: Summary & Review

Provides a different and much-needed novel approach to political analysis by focusing on the leader’s self-interest (and skirting fuzzy appeals to higher ideals and national interests).

In Sheep’s Clothing: Summary & Review

Good overview of manipulation and unique in mentioning covert manipulation and power moves.
And a great advice for many: stop making excuses. A nasty manipulator who seeks to take advantage of everyone else is an a**hole to avoid, not to “understand or re-educate”.

The Prince: Summary & Review (Machiavelli)

The first book on realpolitik, Machiavellian strategies, and power dynamics.
This website and our mission are also based on Machiavelli’s perfect quote: good people are ruined among the many who are not good.

The 48 Laws of Power: Summary & Review

The most popular book on power dynamics and the “darker side” of human nature.
With historical examples and superb prose Greene shows how Machiavellianism, power intelligence, and effective social strategies are crucial to succeeding in life. (warning: avoid over-cynicism and laws/principles don’t apply to all situations)

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