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A covert power move as a resolution tactic: covert power moves as high-quality approaches

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Yep, sounds all good here, very well managed and directed toward a better win-win relationship.

Some notes:


I also liked that the first time you asked to be called Ali you used the smiley face, which is great for power-protecting, preserving rapport and make it "not a big deal" (ie.: smoother).


That first time she miscalled you might be annoying, but might not yet be a big strike against her though. Because when you say "you may also call me as..." people may think that you're giving them a chance to be closer/more personal.
So when they go for the full name, they may mean to give you more respect, rather than ignoring your request. Or they may simply not have realized it's important to you.

That's where some miscommunication can happen: you know it's important to you, but with that first message, they don't know it yet.
So for them it's a small thing to use the full name, while for you it's already a bigger strike.


I might have worded differently the "why are you calling me Alian again".

There is no real answer to that question, it's more like a "stop right there, what the fuck is that" kind of move, which is probably better in person and/or for more extreme cases (BUT: you know your own feelings and the situation better, so if you felt it was called for, then by all means, good).

The other issue with it is that, generally speaking, you want to repeat the thing you want, rather than the one you don't want. So something like: "why aren't you addressing me as Ali. I asked you a couple of times to be called Ali already".
To power protect you may have added "it might seem a small thing, but people care about their own name and how they're addressed, and it feels rude to be called with a different name".

Overall, great stuff!

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