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A key idea for Social Power

Hello guys,

sorry for the click-bait title. I could not find a better one without writing a (too) long title. I want to re-share a key idea that I learned from Lucio some months ago. It improved my life and continue to do so.

Seek to have power within Society.

I'm paraphrasing. What it means (and you'll correct me if I'm wrong) is that there is way much too gain from inside society than from outside. I know that people interested in self-development usually had to make their own path the hard way. Otherwise they would not need it so bad. I know this was and still is my case.

Long story short, I learned tons of stuff from self-development and related fields ๐Ÿ˜‰ that I know most people who haven't explored don't. However, all this knowledge would be lost if I could not apply it to get the real stuff. I'm talking about the material rewards, including status and progress on one's mission as well.

So, even if you're a hardcore self-made entrepreneur or any category pertaining to the rebel identity (there is much to say about this). I can tell that this one: "Authority figures tend to like making life difficult for him" was true for me.

So when I stumbled upon this identity, I re-thought my approach to self-development. I was doing it wrong. By opposing myself to the group, I was only able to reap what was on the fringe of society: women in particular. I was getting women who were also outsiders. It's all good as when you think in a certain way, you tend to question things. And you end up questioning authority. However, I want to bring change from within.

So I had to adapt.

In subtle ways. However now I know that this was the right path. I'll give a concrete example. In my current rotation, my male colleagues all wear shirts. So now I wear a shirt. I love shirts and it's been a long time I wanted to wear shirts at work. It was an opportunity as most of the time we're supposed to wear the white t-shirt.

Anyway, I can tell you that I get better treated at work. I gained status just with a piece of fabric. Sometimes it makes me laugh how stupid it is. I also get better treated outside of work.

So if there is one takeway you can take from this post and if you're not doing it yet, simple idea: start to dress better than you dress now. You'll be treated accordingly. If your haircut sucks, find a new hairdresser. Buy nice shoes. Your social life will improve magically.ย 

The rationale is that you provide passive value to others. When they are around you they are around somebody who's well dressed so that says good things about you but also about them.

It's a simple idea.