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A security issue with your site

Hi Lucio,


When I am at this area (forum) or at the product order page, a link to your main site admin area appears at the top of your page - it's a wordpress menu bar. The click on "the power moves" opens up the internals of your site, and goes here

This is not a good power move 🙂 Hacker-types could probably exploit this.

I love your niche skill and site and I hope to be a course member soon.

Kind regards, Mathias Nagy



Thank you, Mathias!

I think not much can be done at that level since the pre-assigned role for a registered user is pre-set by WordPress with no harm-doing capabilities, so to speak.

But I appreciate the heads-up and I'll have someone check it out (recently a sys-admin guy wrote me a super-helpful analysis on how to address some potential vulnerabilities).


Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?
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