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A Senior Executive Talks About How Collaboration & Competition Inevitably Go Together

I attended an event.
A senior executive was asked for advice by a person on his situation that a collaborator was entering into his company's field and creating some competition.

Her: We were supposed to be collaborating with this company.
Now this company seems to be entering our territory and compete with us.

Him: As much as I like to tell you that everyone can work together harmoniously, there will always be an area of collaboration, the overlap between you & your collaborator's interests, and each of your own boundaries delineating your own individual interests & strategies. Your collaborators will always try to maximise their strategic advantage over you through this collaboration, and you have to do the same.

There's not to say that you cannot achieve mutual benefits without collaboration.
There's healthy competition and unhealthy competition.

For example, you do not need to go out of your way to step on your collaborator's toes.
But maybe you do need to be aware that they intend on coming out in front of this technology in the long run.
And they may stop collaborating some time in the future.

Then the event continued to discuss about intellectual property.
Which is another source of power dynamics and leverage between collaborators.
Who owns what development and who has the right to use what.

Tools that protect an individual's interests like intellectual property actually fosters collaboration to an extent.
Because people can collaborate and set boundaries more clearly.
Which further emphasise the fundamental truth of collaboration that it is good for the individual first.

The more & more we develop sophisticated tools to foster collaboration, the more & more we give rise to more potential for sophisticated Machiavellianism and strategic thinking.

Also, our tools for collaboration like GDPR as Lucio mentions can have sophisticated intentions but have poor practical execution.
This leads to all forms of exploitation as we have discussed in the thread for privacy.

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That was a good reply, actually.

Part of the "enlightened collaborator" mindset, I'd say -maybe should add a not there and/or on PU-.

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