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About Alpha Male Strategy

Today I finished the book AMS, guided with Lucio's notes. I cannot be more thankful to Lucio for writing the notes.

Lucio criticized multiple points made by AMS (and the average red-pill coaches overall). I agree with all of Lucio's points.

There things I especially echo with Lucio are 1) woman are capable of true love, 2) Feminists do not taught women to be passive, and 3) beta male tend to be more jealous.

AMS states that woman are incapable of true love.

I read some biology papers saying that exactly the same hormone drives women's love for their children, and women's love for their long-term partner (childless or not). So, my hypothesis is, if the true love between mother and child exists, then the true love between woman and man also exists. I admit that I am not the expert on this subfield, so if any of you have more knowledge, I'll be very appreciated if you are willing to share.

AMS: Feminism has taught women to let men do all the pursuing

In fact, feminists started the hook-up culture and encouraged women to actively seeking commitment-free sexual experience, which is unbelievable and not appreciated by women before the feminism revolution.

AMS: Blue pill men tend not to be jealous

In fact, blue pill material providers are far more jealous because they have less options. It is a common knowledge that material providers care more about the chaste of their partners. Alphas with more options are less jealous because losing one plate is not a big deal for them. The result is, a woman will try to hide her plates when interacting with a material provider, but she will less likely to hide those plates when interacting with a genetic provider.


Again, I would like thank Lucio again for providing so many wonderful materials.

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