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Access locked - previously had access to all

Hi Lucio/Admin,

Apologies if this is the wrong place. I have been looking for a more appropriate place for last 10 mins and couldn't work it out.

I have access to Module 1 and most of 3 only. The rest appear to be locked. I have previously read the whole course. Tried to attach a screenshot but this box doesn't seem to want to let me attach a jpg.

Not sure what's gone on - if you could resolve it that would be great. Then if you like I can delete this thread.









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Hello Nathan!

I just tested your user and... You're right.

I've never seen this issue before, and I'm still looking into it.

In the meanwhile, if you want to access those lessons, I can give you new credentials with a different user that has the course already fully unlocked.

Otherwise, I have noticed that the lessons that are mistakenly not unlocked yet, are going to unlock soon. So within a few weeks you'll have the full access again with your original username (but hopefully I'll find a solution much sooner).

Just let me know what you prefer.


Thank you for looking for the right place where to post it, I appreciate that!
And for the future, for technical queries, you can also reach out via email/phone at any time.


Stef has reacted to this post.
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

The same happen to me,

also my profile picture in the forum dissapear (I am not sure if by mistake I click something to cause that)

I used to have a Bach picture.

Hi Lucio,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I noticed this about 2/3 weeks ago and it said lessons would unlock on the 17th Sept. I thought perhaps you had changed the system or were performing some kind of maintenance on the site.

Now it says the 30th Sept for unlocking. Strange.

If it's easier you can provide me with new details - unless you think you can solve the issue within a reasonable timeframe.

My email is:   (if that's easier)

Thanks for looking into it. Once it's been resolved I'll delete this as I feel it's messing up the tidiness of your forum page 🙂



Yes, a quick update on this:

I think it's probably caused by a piece of software that allows people to log-in with social media accounts.

It threw a malaware error, and after the automated malaware removal, the site started experiencing some user-related issues.
I tried to de-activate it -and that's why Stef's avatar disappeared- but that didn't solve the issue.
And I thought about deleting it, but I'm afraid that will remove all the users who have already used the "social login-in" option, so I refrained so far.

My usual developer is back in business in about 2-3 days, rather than getting someone new, I prefer to wait for him since he's always done great work so far:

And as a lesson learned, this reminds of the simple "KISS" rule, which applies to website and products even more so than to communication: keep it simple, stupid.
The more you add, the more you risk breaking and conflicting.

The "social login" seemed cool, but it was probably not worth the additional software complexity.


Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Not a problem Lucio, I can wait until your man can fix it.





Hi Lucio,

Do you have any further updates on access to the site for me?

Hello Nathan,

Yes, and it's not fixed yet :(.
But I sent you the details for the workaround.

If more people have this issue, I might also suspend the content dripping for a while.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?