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Acknowledging a Societal-Framed Vice to be Fun

I recall that a woman who organises events said to me:

Her: We work very hard to make the events useful to everyone attending.
It's not just about indulgence.
It's about connecting the right people and spurring innovation.

Me: A little bit of indulgence is fun.

Her: It can be fun indeed

Me: Your wine and cheese is the best.

The conversation felt more natural afterwards.

She was someone who likes wine & cheese, and she always had that during the events.
The events usually had a fun vibe rather than the more serious networking events.
So it was probable that she liked "indulging" a little bit.

I think most people like indulging at times, but society frames indulging as bad.
People are afraid to admit to indulging in food, travels, holidays, alcohol, etc.
Who doesn't like wine & cheese?

What I think is that acknowledging you like a "vice" can be a good way to build rapport with people.
And go beyond the politeness of daily conversations.

What do you think?
Feel free to share your thoughts if convenient.