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AI: news, progress, opportunities

Hello everyone,

I create this new thread as we will be able to share here news, progress and opportunities about AI. I'm excited as I type this. I watched Tom Bilyeu's videos and thanks to him I view it now as a tool and opportunity for me (and us of course).

I'm excited because I want to be part of this revolution. I don't know in what capacity I will be able to but I want to be part of it. I saw the birth of the Internet. I knew that there was huge amounts of money to be made but I did not want to be part of it as I was not getting excited about making websites, setting up servers, etc. Then the crypto revolution came. As a technological-oriented person I learned about it before the general public. Once again, I was fascinated by the concept and the possibilities. But I was not excited to be part of it. I knew there was huge amounts of money to be made but decided not to be part of it.

This revolution I want to be part of it and we'll see how and how much I'll partake in it. There are ethical and philosophical issues, the possibility to revolutionize my field, it has sci-fi written all over it. Tom Bilyeu has this way to inspire someone with his optimism that is contagious as well. The thing is that it will be part of our lives wether we like it or not.

As any computer person and sci-fi fan, I knew AI was coming in some future, maybe in 20 to 50 years. I was not expecting it to come that soon. The genie is out of the bottle. I mean soon because it is now. If we wait until it's fully developed, then we'll miss the opportunity. I don't like it and I would like to be it otherwise: but the division between the people who master this tool and those who won't is going to be bigger than ever. I'm a lover of nature and human connections, so I would have preferred this technology to come later. There will be hiccups: it's not mature yet but it's a reality. It will transform our World beyond our imagination and already is. Today I showed my friend and experimented with it in Dall-E: I asked it to draw "a smiling dog with a yellow umbrella on a boat in Portugal in summer on a stream in the style of Van Gogh". It did.

Here are 2 videos by Tomb Bilyeu that view AI in a positive light, as a tool to get ahead.

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