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Is Amanda Knox A Lying Psychopath? Video Analysis Says Yes

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Amanda Knox has been accused of being a liar.

And a psychopath.

I don't know about either, but she always seemed "off".

This post will examine 5 signs why many people believe Amanda Knox is a liar and a psychopath.

#1. Amanda Knox Overplays The "Girl In Distress"

Look at this video of Amada Knox arriving in Italy:

Doesn't it look like Amanda Knox is exaggerating?

And here is another one.

Look how she clinches to her blazer.
It's as if she'd been violated 10 seconds prior. But there is no overbearing journalist around.
Nobody is assaulting her, not even with questions:

Looks like a big game trying to look like a "girl in need of protection from the bad wolves" to me.

#2. Amanda Knox Exaggerates Crying

Think of the last time you cried.

Did you use a tissue?
Maybe you did.
But most people don't.

Especially for a few drops of tears.

It certainly looks like you're crying when you use a tissue though:

That hipster of a boyfriend though ?

#3. Amanda Knox knows how to play the game

Amanda Knox loved Harry Potter.

In Italy she sees a guy who looked like Harry Potter.
A shy guy though.

But she manages to reel him in and make him approach first.

Look at this video (and take note ladies):

Did her friend just randomly got up or did Amanda orchestrate everything?

We don't know that.

But how she moved and her facial expression in that video tells me she can play the game.
Amanda Knox is a master game player.

A woman who can play the game that well certainly might be inclined to play the media as well, no?

#4. Amanda Mixes "Panic Attack" With "Crying"

Look at this video at Amanda describing her panic attacks and crying:

Sure a native English speaker who claims of having panics attacks should know that panic attacks and cry rarely overlap?

The feeling is as if Amanda doesn't know the difference between crying and a panic attack.
Which, again, raises questions about her ability to even feel emotions.

It also feels a bit off how Amanda Knox clearly remembers her last panic attack.
"of course, it was last Saturday!".
Sure that might be the case... But this is another coincidence which seems a bit off.

And listen to her crying description:

I cried so loud the security call the room

Now think about it: do you remember the last time you cried?

Most people are not so noisy when they cry.
Crying is mostly low-pitched sobbing.
Neighbors don't come knocking at your door, usually.

Again we have the same feeling here: it's as if Amanda Knox wanted to communicate "look at me, I am such a poor girl, feel for me".

#5. Amanda Knox Laughs At The Wrong Times

Even if Knox were faking, she should know when normal people laugh and whey they don't.

If she had normal empathy, that is.

But her pattern of laughing and crying seems to suggest she does not understand what "normal" people think it's normal to be shocked of and what it's not OK to laugh about.

Take this example:

She says that blood and a dismembered foot would cause someone to be histerical.
And then she chuckles about it.

Weird behavior.
Even if a normal person were faking about it all, she should know that was the worst moment to chuckle.

Is Amanda Knox All A Big Act?

That's what makes Amanda Knox come across as shift and "off".

She gives the vibe she's acting, all the times.

We examined a few videos of her here.

But pick any video of her, and it will look like a good -but not great- actress.
And the difference between a great actress and a good one is that with the former you can't see the act. With the latter, you think "great acting", but acting nonetheless.

Not An Indictment of Amanda Knox

Finally, I would like to say that I have no final proof about whether Amanda Knox is lying or not.

This is guesswork and it would be unfair of me -or of anyone else- to accuse Amanda of anything while lacking real evidence.

And of course, it's important to remember that "lying" is not the same as "guilty".
One can be an inveterate liar and a total psychopath without being a murderer.

And albeit some sources remain convinced Amanda is guilty, I ultimately don't know what's Amanda Knox' involvement in the murder.

And if she is innocent, I do feel for her.
Being convicted as an innocent person must be one of the worst nightmares possible.

However, I do can say that Amanda Knox looks shifty.
Very shift.

Even if she were innocent and forthcoming in her emotions, then she should think about changing the way she approaches people.
Because the way she acts know, Amanda Knox does seem fake.


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rachelMatthew WhitewoodJohn FreemanStefPower Duck
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Great post.

I've been following this case since the beginning and while there is no hard evidence against there is also much to make you doubt this lady's story.

Yeah, I haven't been following the case as deeply but I was in Italy when it happened and it was all over the news (I would have gladly avoided the TV but back then I couldn't escape it unluckily).

It was the perfect mix of what sells on the media: violence, perversion (or presented as such), "debauched life" (which wasn't debauched at all, really), sex and attractive woman framed as "femme fatale".

All that framing would automatically make me side with Amanda Knox just for being victim of this senseless craze and perversion. It's so difficult fighting a shitstorm of media craze (as it happened to Julien Blanc in the dating advice industry).

But then again, Knox does seem off, and you gotta wonder what really happened and whether she also used the media for personal gains.

But still, I also feel for her.

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Community, new content and Confidence University moved here.

Her statements contradict.   There is a great deal of footage of her talking about the situation over many years.  A great deal of footage.  A great many interviews. A great deal of writing.  All very public.  Why return to Italy?  Isn't it considered to be well known that criminals like  to return to the scene of their crimes?  She must know that would stir up media attention.  And again all so very public.  If she is  innocent I can understand the urge to clear her name.  She is intelligent so if  also innocent surely she must know that to drop out of the limelight is more likely to achieve anonymity.  Why not just let media attention stall?  Surely that would achieve her aim to want to be anonymous as she claims.  So why, oh why,  does she give all these interviews? Additionally regarding anonymity,  why would she complain about not being able to wear a tee shirt with a skull and crossbones on it?   She does not look like that is the kind of  clothing she would or has ever wanted to wear. And again she is intelligent, she must know that kind of remark is at the very least in very bad taste given her circumstances.   That really made me shudder and makes me think she is hiding her contempt for us all.   Inappropriate laughing/chuckling can be nervous behaviour, or again could be her way of avoiding a show of her contempt for others.  Sobbing so loud security is called?  Well perhaps frustration at her inability to control one of her many interviews could be the cause of that kind of behaviour.  Or since there is a theme of her wanting to be in the limelight, maybe she had not got enough exposure that particular day.   There must be times when she has not achieved the result she wanted.   Summary,  I cannot know for sure what happened, but her constant popping up in interviews over a contracted length of time, certainly smacks of wanting to milk her notoriety.  It also has an horrific effect on the family of Meredith.  Not only do they have a massive, gaping wound because of the terrible death of Meredith -that wound is kept open and raw with this woman's flirting with every type of media and public talks.  Every time she goes public  she turns a knife in their  wound again and again.  She is not letting them or Meredith, gain any peace at all.   This kind of behaviour is quite well known in many offenders.  Her behaviour is odd but she could be innocent of the murder (?), but the fact that she is continually hurting Meredith's family is what makes her wicked.   Even if she did not commit the murder she is certainly commiting a lot of non-stop harm to a whole family. She needs to be quiet if she truly wants to be anonymous.  For sure I would not want her within a million miles of me or mine.

Sandi Hill

"She says that blood and a dismembered foot would cause someone to be historical."

Here you mean "histerical"

I Love how you differentiate between a good actor and a great one!!

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Lucio Buffalmano
Quote from Stef on August 20, 2020, 7:32 am

"She says that blood and a dismembered foot would cause someone to be historical."

Here you mean "histerical"

I Love how you differentiate between a good actor and a great one!!

Thank you, Stef!

I think it's good to take a look at a few of Amanda's video to assess future potential girlfriends.
If you see similar behavior and expressions, it doesn't necessarily mean you're dating a potential murderer, but you do are probably dating a woman with the potential, tendency, and skills to be a Machiavellian manipulator.

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Matthew WhitewoodStef
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I once thought Knox was an innocent girl who was wrongly charged.   But, as I have devolved into her case, and let guys never forget that a perps Meredith Kercher was brutally slain.

At the Tim elf the murder Know had been in Perugia for only six weeks.  The sixth week was spend having basically non-stop sex with her new friend Raffaele Sollecito, (23) who was in fact a virgin.  Amanda's sex drive has been well documented.  She had an aggressive sex style and loved it.  Six weeks in Perugia and she had bedded five men, not including Raffael.  She was totally disliked by Meredith and her English friends. Meredith was sick of her boisterous ways, not cleaning or flushing the toilet, leaving her dildo out in the bathroom, bringing strange men home to have sex with and generally being not altogether there.  And this was in the first six weeks!

Knox's jealousy and rage of Meredith, caused her to entwine Raffa (who was sex drunk with her), and Rudy Guede into the bizarre confrontation with Meredith on the murder night.  As it started out was not meant to conclude with murder, but high on skunk, and possible cocaine (Raffa used it) led to dramatic consequences.

She lied, and lied and lied.  Changed her story many times.  Wrote a five page email at 2:45 am on Nov 4th  to many.  Taking a closer look into that long email (which was contradicted by her later) there are clues of her guilt.  Like the Ramsey 'war and piece' ransom note, it is all there.

She had a dysfunctional upbringing.  Was far to young to travel to Italy, but wanted to party.

A note was left on the gate of Meredith's university (Nov 4th), which was a hand written advertisement for a vacant room to board.  Asked for an English speaking girl. And gave the phone number as the date of Meredith's death.  Amanda is mad, she wrote it.

Yes, I believe that she is a narcissistic psychopath with a Borderline personality disorder.

She will take her sin with her until her death.  And just wallows in defending herself.

There are so many other items to reference.  The Italian police, who were inept at dealing with the initial evidence, still believe that she was part of a team of killers.  Meredith Kercher's family believe she killed their daughter.  Raff's father said that he thought Amanda was a vampire, and wished his son never meet her.


Iffy case, I'm not an expert, but I do remember Meredith's parents always thought Knox was guilty.

To be charged in criminal cases though it must be "proven beyond reasonable doubt", which is sometimes challenging.

What's interesting is that Amanda Knox actually read this forum entry -I know because I've seen it linked from an interview she gave-.

Community, new content and Confidence University moved here.

P.S.: from a mating / sexual dynamics point of view I've found it very interesting she liked Raffaele because of his geeky/innocent appearance and because he looked a bit like Harry Potter.
It says a lot about how culture can influence what's attractive, as well how important personal preferences are.

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Community, new content and Confidence University moved here.

They, (Knox and Raffa) spent many hours (if not all) in the early morning of Nov 2nd cleaning up the blood and removing as much DNA they could think of.  There is a car park above the Villa (Knox's residence) that looks down across the road to it.  Very late that night (the murder night), a couple noticed a man looking over the railing down to where the villa was.  They both said he looked like Harry Potter.  Raff was keeping a look-out while Knox cleaned. That's why they both looked totally exhausted the next day and comforting one another.

The half a footprint blood imprint on the bathroom floor towel was left there by Raff as he showered to get blood from himself.  Raff has a hammer toe, which the police could see in the foot print.  The other half of the print (on the tiles) had been removed.  The police found Rudy's shoe prints, and later via forensic investigation, they saw bare foot prints (bloodied) on the villa floor.  Knox's and Raff's.

Why didn't Knox flush Rudy's stools?  Anyone would flush a toilet if they saw shit in it.  She knew who it belonged to. Left Rudy's DNA also., because he bolted after the murder.  A woman heard a terrifying scream about 10:30 pm ish, and soon after heard people running away in two different directions. One thumping on the road leading down from the villa, the other was leaves being trampled where their small six car villa parking space was. Knox and Raff soon returned to do the clean up. The staged break in, was badly done.

At 6:45 am on Nov 2nd, when Knox stated she slept until 10:00 am, the owner of a 7/11 type store noticed a young woman waiting for it to be opened.  He saw a white skinned woman with piercing blue eyes.  Said that she walked straight away to the cleaning section.  Unfortunately the owner didn't bring it to the attention of the police until a year later, so therefore was ruled inadmissible.  Shame.  Raffs apartment smelt of strong bleach the next day as noticed by the police.  DNA of  both Knox and Meredith was found on Raffs large kitchen knife. This was later rejected by big $money.

She lied about being harassed by the police.  Also she implicated her boss, Patrick Lumumba who owned Le Chic bar.  Implicated him as the murderer and he spent two weeks in jail until his alibi was proven true.  Ruined his business and he left Italy.  Knox was sentenced to three years in the slammer for that one.  Patrick sued Know and successfully won $100,000 of which Knox has never paid.  Even though she earned four million dollars for her book which was ghost written.  I've read that also.

She had a police record before going to Italy.  The year before she held a wild, booze and sex fuelled party at her rental (just off grounds from her college), which necessitated to the police to be called by neighbours.  She was fined $240.

She went hysterical when asked to open the kitchen knife draw at the villa.  Overwhelming culpability.

Still as you say.  I say she got away with it.

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