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Antifragile ego for a few key topics


I am trying to build my antifragile ego in different domains of my life. I am happy to share them with you and I hope the community can share their feedback.

Weight management
1. I have impulses that I use to make exceptions but I know they are only excuses and I relentlessly stick to the food plan.
2. I don't like the feeling of hunger, but I stick to my plan. It's a good plan.

Avoidant style:
I know I tend to disconnect from others and focus on the negative, but it's only my attachment style. I relentlessly try to connect and stay connected.
I know my brain disconnects and tries to find ways to avoid situations and people, but I always keep trying to connect.

I am a nice guy, so some people see it and try to push me down, but I never let them. Don't fuck with me.
If I freeze and shake during a confrontation, it's fine. I go for it. And when I fail to be 100% perfect, I am still proud.
Sometimes I get bored during discussions, but I keep trying to orientate the discussions on the topics I like.

I am pushed to act in defense or attack mode, but I don't act on them impulses. I detach, assess and respond.
When I want to attack, I pause, look at the power dynamics, and respond.
I am often attacked, and others want to dominate, but I maintain my power jealously.

I lose balls, miss passes, piss others, get tasked, but I keep working for the team.


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