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AR Life through Power Goggles


In this Journal I will note my journey through life wearing the new found power goggles.

This will be a good read for those with a fixed mindset, looking to change to a growth mindset.

Why was I uncomfortable?

Because of the presence of a particular individual.


Because he is rich, and I am unemployed.

So what?

He will ask me what I'm doing, and I won't have anything to answer.


My self esteem is tied to me being unemployed.

Viola! I found the weakness., And I worked on it.



26th November

I went over for dinner to a cousin's house.

I was initially feeling a bit uncomfortable going, because her in laws would be there too. However, I remembered the lesson in growth mindset in the Ultima power, and I embraced it.

Improvement areas 

1. I remember this one conversation, where I was talking to my cousin. She just finished making a point and I immediately said "Right Right yea"

I should have just not said anything for atleast a couple of seconds and then said "exactly" without nodding. Would have served the same purpose.




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6th December.

I have a specific problem with filler words.

Suppose some one is explaining me something, or telling me a point:

I go like " right right yea" or "right right right" rapidly.



"right, right, yeah" are not necessarily an issue when you're talking to others (and to be technical, don't count as filler words since it's not you who's speaking).

They're more like "verbal social balm" to confirm understanding (there was a topic on this, maybe search for "social balm").

BUT... If you do it too much, or too rapidly, then yes, do also give away power indeed.
It's like you're rushing to confirm "I agree, I'm taking note of what you say", which can all be signs of passiveness/submissiveness.

So a bit of them is OK, and can also be higher power.
But within limits, and slow.

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Astronomically Revolutionised
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?
Quote from Lucio Buffalmano on December 6, 2020, 12:41

BUT... If you do it too much, or too rapidly, then yes, do also give away power indeed.
It's like you're rushing to confirm "I agree, I'm taking note of what you say", which can all be signs of passiveness/submissiveness.

So a bit of them is OK, and can also be higher power.
But within limits, and slow.

I'm guilty of saying it too much without control over saying it.  I've been doing it all my life. Just recently am I consciously trying to control it

I'm am preparing for an assessment center trip.

I was just recalling my last assessment center, Although that was for model United Nations club and this is for a mgt trainee job.

Last time I was paired with a group of 5. I didn't know anyone there.

One guy from my team took the leadership role. He kept dismissing me when I made discussion points for our case study. After a while, I went silent. And remained passive until the end of the session. I didn't want to appear a try hard or obnoxious.

So here, Initially I wanted to ask, how could I have reclaimed power with out looking like a try hard. But then it came to my mind that people aren't fair. We can't expect people to be fair. We gotta accept people at face value and then make my way through.

Maybe instead of treating him as the enemy, I could have created the illusion of a friend.

Maybe what I could have done is, Speak over while he was talking but my content would be to praise him and agree and amplify him. The amplifying part would be where I would insert my point of view.

A ridiculously simple example:

Him: Eating vegetables is healthy. So our restraunt should focus on promoting vegetables among young.

Instead of but tting him I could have agreed and amplified.

Me: I agree! And to be able to be able to be considered as influencers among young we would also need to get and grab their attention. Which we could do by starting off with Fast Food.

Could I have done anything better?

Would you like to share any tips for situational leadership in my next assessment center session?




Assessment Centers, the true arena of social strategies

Man, assessment centers are the true ultimate fighting championship of social strategies.

The first thing I'd recommend is:

  • Know your stats

By that, I mean, how many people are there, and how many will go through?

That tells you everything about the strategies and approach you'll put in place.

  • Avoid the leadership trap

Usually, big companies hire batches, which means that several people will be selected.
If that's the case, I don't advise taking the leadership position in the group exercises.

I know it sounds counterintuitive to what most people read around, but the truth is that the leadership position puts you on the stage and magnifies your actions.
If the group goes well under your leadership, you're set, you'll probably go through.
But if the group doesn't perform under your leadership, you risk big.
If you need to be #1 to be hired, then swing for the leadership. But since usually a few people get selected, going for the team member who adds value and supports others is usually the best strategy.

Most of all, avoid getting into a fight for the leadership position, as that would reflect terribly bad on both contestants.

When I prepared for my assessment center I remember looking for all videos I could online.
There was one that was amazing and I spent hours trying to find it again for PU, but it wasn't anywhere. It was, I think, an AC for one of the 4 professional firms (KPMG or EY), and showed a girl and a guy who ended up quarreling for the leadership position, including the post-interview of both of them -the guy said she was "overpowering"-. If you find it, please let me know.

When I had my AC, I didn't want to be the leader, but everyone was sitting back.
So, at that point, I was forced into it. If that's the case, if nobody goes for it, then absolutely, you go for it, or it becomes a race to the bottom and "who makes fewer mistakes" , and you usually want to avoid defensive races to the bottom in life.

  • Capitalize on leader's mistakes

If someone takes the leadership, let them.

You focus on being the strong team member and adding as much value as you can.

Pitch in good ideas, propose solutions, offer to do some part of the work, ask questions to make sure people can do what they are going to do, and be the "great facilitator".

And you can capitalize on all the leader's mistakes.

If someone doesn't speak up and the leader forgets about them, great! You be the guy who says "what do you think about this".
If the leader doesn't think about possible issues, you be the critical thinker who says "hmmm, that sounds good, and what if this happens".

See the strategy?
This way you take lots of leadership points, without taking all the risks.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thank you Lucio! This is pure gold!! Amazing tips!!!

I tried looking for the video you referred to, although I wasn't sure what to look for, I tried combinations of the keywords.

EY / KPMG Assessment Centre quarrel.

Unfortunately, couldn't find anything relevant. But I will look again once I'm done with the initial hurdle.

I have been approaching life through a growth mindset.

Some examples:

  1. I go meet frineds when invited by them, instead of staying home fearing how i might be perceived negatively.
  2. I think of solutions instead of beating around the problem and pointing fingers.
  3. My speech and tonality have improved as a result of my mindsets
  4. I actively take action instead of fearing failure
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