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AR Life through Power Goggles


So I applied to another place for work, but didn't hear anything back from them yet.

I suddenly remembered an old College acquaintaince works there, so i wanted to ask her about the update on the recruitment process.

I had the "Social exchange theory in mind" although I wasn't really sure how to apply it here. But instead of just waiting and wondering, I decided to send her a message.


Hey X! How are you?

Just had a quick query, whenever you're free

(First I just send Hey X!. they i quickly followed up with the quick query line to show that i wont take long and I am considerate of her time)

Her: With the normal response. and then asked me what the query was

ME: I asked her about the stage of recruitment for the position

She: She said she would get back to me after finding out

ME: "Thank you! hope you get back with something positive fingers crossed lol"

Since I didn't really know how to add value now, I just tried to give some positive emotions with the last sentence.

If she gets back with a positive response, I will say "Thanks you for your help! when we are collegaues, first lunch on me!"

Could i have done anything better in this situation? Any feedback will be appreciated

Hey AR

Keep swinging.  The old saying the harder I work the luckier I get

sorry I haven't read your whole Journal  can you give a bit of context what industry you're looking for work and at what level what country you're in anything you think might be relevant.  just a few bullets.

I missed contributing to this community.

I don't know why, but I wasn't being able to access this site through my browser, no matter what I tried. I try to access this site every other day but to no avail.

But Yay! I'm finally here!

Time to contribute some long overdue value to the community.


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Lucio Buffalmano

Welcome back, AR!

It happened to me more than once that some Internet Service Providers had this website blocked.

I think what some ISPs do is to load some lists of "websites with sensitive content", or "bad websites" to be blocked, and somehow someone thought well (did he?) to add this website on some of those lists.

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Astronomically Revolutionised
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Happy it's accessible now. I am in a constant state of anxiety that next tim I try to access, it might become unavailable






Hi community it's unfortunate that I can't access this place regular, due to some technical issues at My end.

But I wanted to take this opportunity to share one of my most beloved technique I picked up from here.

So when ever someone does the guiding behaviour, depending on the person, I don't engage in the awkward battle of leading them first.

Neither do I directly submit by saying okay or yes.

I simply do this:

Say "Thank you big man" , pat them on the back,and  take my time to follow through with their apparent order"

I make it a point to not look at their gestures.

This doesn't come naturally to me yet. But yea conscious competence




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