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Are Emotions A Reliable Way of Gauging Your Performance on Power Dynamics?

I'm thinking of how to mitigate and prepare for sleep-deprived, challenging social situations.

It's great to prepare and strategize -of course-.

At the same time, here is a different thought: are you sure you're strategizing, but also not putting too much, unnecessary pressure on yourself?

And as a side note, a good social strategist far from his best is probably better than most others at their best.

I had quite a bit of negative emotions these 2 days and was a bit sleep-deprived.
But I think that I got through okay in my conversations and meetings.
Not the best but okay.

As such, Lucio, I think you're right that emotions are not a good way of gauging how well I perform socially.
Third-party feedback and measuring outcomes that I achieve through people are better.

On the opposite end, I also realised that sometimes I feel very positive and perform socially not very well.
You mentioned something about focusing on the essential things when tired.
I think it's true.
I could have lots of positive conversations that not necessarily go anywhere.
Especially true in sales I believe.
Moving the sale forward is more important than small talk and rapport building.

Feeling Power Down But Moving Things Forward

Sometimes I feel power down in some situations but things are moving forward.
I'm thinking that it's okay to feel power down in some cases.

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