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Are men intimidated by successful women... Or just being rational?

You often hear successful women and alpha female complain that men are "intimidated by them".

Yet, whenever I hear about this or that group of people "not being good enough for us", I get suspicious.

Intimidated or Rational?

Women have a tendency towards hypergamy, such as a tendency to like and seek men of higher status and quality.

Since women seek higher status men, could it actually be rational for men to prefer mates who are below them?
That way a woman would stay happy and loyal with him, right?

Makes sense, so let's look at the data.

Indeed, men with lower incomes are cheated more frequently than men with high income (Baker, 2016) and poor women cheat more frequently (evolutionary biology suggests it's because they're shopping for better alternatives).

So here we are: men might be intimidated -in a way-, but that also might be nature's way of saying: she's not good for you and might dump you soon enough.

So my lady friends, stop blaming men and seek better ways to present yourself.

And That's Why Men Keep Women Down

Sadly, this is possibly also the reason why some men (unconsciously) try to keep women one down in the relationship.

See combative relationships and types of abusive men for examples.

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