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Are the Skills of Being a Good Speaker and Being Power Aware the Same?

I recall Lucio mentioned that Charlie is a better speaker but Ben is better at power dynamics and social skills in Charisma on Command.

I think that the skills of being a good speaker and being power aware overlap.
To be a good speaker, one needs to understand dominant, submissive body language and many other non-verbals.
And one needs to adapt what to say and how to say according to the situation.

Although I see that there are elements of being a good speaker that are more about solo practice rather than being related to people skills.
The basics of enunciation, stressing, intonation, etc.
Although being power-aware means that you can adapt your speaking patterns according to the situation.

Perhaps the main difference is that being a good speaker is skilled-based while being power aware relates more to having good social intuition.

Also depends a lot on which type of speaker we're talking about:

  1. Speaker who interacts/influences the audience in real-time: think my video examples in PU while eliciting reactions, asking questions, etc. There are more elements of power dynamics / leadership here
  2. Speaker who delivers his piece from a podium or in front of a camera, without interactions: YouTube videos. Less about social skills

The two also overlap as everything people-related -or even self-development related- overlap.

But there are importance differences.

The former is more about real-time social exchanges, adapting to the people and reactions you're getting. More similar to leadership.

The latter is a guy speaking, by himself.
So it has less overlap with people's skills, social strategies, etc.
And it's comparatively more about some specific fundamentals such as good voice, intonation, "marking up", etc. etc.

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