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Article feedback: "The Law of Optimum Balance"

#1. Add More to the Open-Mindedness Section

Because you've already written the content for it anyway (so you're not starting from scratch) and I think it's relatively important information:

2. Open-Mindedness

Generally, people think of “open-mindedness” as a positive thing.

More rarely do people stop and think at what it means at the extremes.

And at the extremes, narrow-minded is not good because it inhibits learning and growing.
Too open-minded isn’t good either though because it inhibits critical thinking, discernment, and even personal power. And that would be naive:

There is a steeper decline on the right side because naive over-open-mindedness is a risk hazard in life, while instead too close-minded is “only” a risk for personal growth.

Here, it could be good to share Mark Manson's advice to always believe "you're wrong about everything" as an example of an attitude that could lead to extreme open-mindedness:

Chapter 6: You’re Wrong About Everything


Resist the temptation of being sure and accept “never knowing who you are”.
It will force you to keep an open mind and keeps you striving to discover and find out.

Some questions Mark Manson recommends you ask yourself are:

  • What if I’m wrong?
  • What would it mean if I were wrong?
  • Would being wrong creates a better or worse problem?




  • Special & Wrong About Everything?

I’m not really convinced about the usefulness of some concepts.

As a website focused on social interaction and people skills I’d have to say that second-guessing yourself on how wrong you are, for example, will make you very much un-charismatic.

#1. Add the Common Extremism Pitfalls of Those Pursuing Self-Development

Such as people researching how to become high-quality men and falling into extreme ideas of what it takes:

  • Taking care of oneself to the extreme crosses into narcissism
  • Too much vulnerability can become an excuse for ineffective crybabies
  • Sticking to one’s values no matter what can lead to big mistakes

The "Balance & High-Quality Men" section of the high-quality man article could be a good place to share a link to the Optimum Balance article.

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Lucio Buffalmano


Thank you Ali, that's a fantastic example.

Just added it now, and cited you.
And will be adding the links later on.

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