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Article password protected even though I have a subscription.

I paid for Power University AND the article access.  (I would pay for a lifetime subscription if that option was still available.).

In my quest to read every single one of the articles, I just attempted to access the article "Intercultural Communication is a Waste of Time."

This article seems to have its own password.  I entered the same password I use to access all of the other articles, and it did not work.

What do I have to do to access that intriguing sounding article?





Hello Ed,

I just tried it out (on Chrome) and it worked.

But then I tried it again on Microsoft Edge, and it didn't.

Could it be a browser thing?

Also, try this: copy past the full URL in the browser and hit "enter", and chances are it will work:

The gist of that article is:

  1. Intercultural communication is a cherry on top of the basics
  2. The basics of human psychology are what really matters
  3. Once you know the basics, you will do fine in all cultures, and will quickly learn and adjust to the intercultural differences
  4. Intercultural communication classes hype up the differences, and can lead people astray by focusing on the superficial differences of culture, rather than on what really matters: the basic building blocks of human psychology


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