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Basic self-respect for leaders: Don't let followers tell you how to be a leader

Stumbled upon this video of a former Micahel Jordan coach:

This is the coach only in title.

Basically, Michael Jordan treated him like a puppet:

  • Tells him "scoot over" (he does)
  • Asks him tough questions (he answers, and does so in a low-power way)
  • Tells him that "to be his coach, he must believe in him" (he takes it)
  • Tells him not to call him out of the game (he obeys it)

And this guy thinks it's a cool story :S.

Next think we hear, this guy shares the story of how he met his wife: his wife walked up to him, invited him to her place, undressed him, and told him to start doing it.

And he'll tell it like it was this incredible story.

Fair enough, Michael Jordan was a legend in the sport, but have some self-respect.

If you're the coach, act like one.

This would have been a good move:

Michael: do you I think I can still play?
Coach: (pause, then looks at him) do YOU think you still have it?
Michael: (whatever he says)
Coach: good, that's what I like to hear. Show me that

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