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Becoming higher power

Hello guys,

here is something I want to share with you. When you become higher power (and/or more dominant) it can be uncomfortable.

However stick with it. I’m learning that one can go overboard as one is learning to becoming higher power.

I think it’s ok. It’s part of the learning process.

Here is my thought on correcting it: add more warmth.

Add more warmth but don’t diminish your power.

Stay eagle like. Stay rational, stay detached, stay fact-based, control the frame, lead AND add more warmth if you feel you’re alienating people.

Be humble and high power. It’s possible.

That’s my current take on the topic.


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Great post, John.

Yeah, I think that one under-appreciated roadblock to change and improvement, and especially so in anything concerning power, is the discomfort with change and the fear to overdo it, or being perceived as different, in a bad way (ie.: over-dominant, over-assertive, etc.).

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