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Ben defends against Charlie undermining (Charisma on Command)

Talking about friendship dynamics:

Ben: (...) this is me and you man. We don't think the other one is perfect. We're not perfect friends
Charlie: we also don't live in the same apartment (laughs, slightly derisive facial expression) you know what I mean (Charlie undermines Ben's frame because, he implies, the situation is different)
Ben: nono (blocks charlie's frame, defends his frame and speaking time), but there are things that we do that the other one doesn't like but we don't go straight to cutting the person out (explains why his original observation is valid)

The power move Ben had to defend against is NOT the disagreement per se of course.

It's Charlie's delivery with a slight smart-alec attitude based on laughter that disempowers him.
That sub-communicates "what you said is so out of line that it's laughable".

After having seen many episodes with these two, this is a recurring trend.

Charlie sometimes has this smart-alec attitude that slightly undermines and derides (the equivalent of "LOL" on text).

And Ben is forced to self-defend himself and re-instate his frame to avoid losing power.
He does it quite well.

That same relationship that Ben talks about could improve if Charlie quits the derisive thing.
And Charlie himself would enjoy higher social capital with the people around.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

To Charlie's credit, he's very good at moving on very quickly.

Whether he realized his move was not cool or whether he saw Ben had a point, he is generally very good at ego-free discussing discussion.
He does not get attached to opinions and he does not get into unneeded frame battles.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?