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Best Books to Read for Self-Development: Recommendations

New thread for non sci-fi book recommendations on self-development and, of course, power, strategies, psychology, and social skills.

Quoting Bel from this thread, book "Unmasking the Face" by Paul Ekman:

Quote from Bel on June 18, 2022, 10:14 am


It is another tool in the toolbox.

I’d say yes, in three ways:

- while the conscious immediate perception of expressions is still difficult, reading the book informed my intuition and undoubtedly refined my gut feeling when interacting with people;

- the book is invaluable when you have a chance to see a face after the fact, eg when you review photos of your interaction with someone or when you see a video;

- some teachings of the book are super invaluable. One of them is that expression of emotions takes place in three separate areas of the face, which usually combine in specific ways for each single emotion. Manipulators who try to fake or not show an emotion are usually able to fake two out of three areas of the face into position, but it is impossible for anybody to fake all three areas. The book explains where you have to focus to catch glimpses of real expressions.


Thank you, Bel!

I'm sold, added it to my reading list.

By the way, I've also read your other recommendation, "The Gift of Fear", it was great (in spite of the fact I can't stand the author :).
Review to come right after PU's update.

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