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"Best Entrepreneurship Books": feedback

Hi everyone,

I've been doing a fair bit of reading lately and my main focus has been on the entrepreneurship "best of" list.

Unfortunately, I've been getting the feeling that this list is:

  • Primarily for online business solopreneurs: namely, those looking for a lifestyle of freedom (i.e. Unscripted + The 4-Hour Workweek).
  • Made up in part of books that could also belong to other lists: for example, Secrets of Power Negotiating + Getting Past No.

When I search for TPM's recommendations on the best books for entrepreneurship and get recommended books on negotiation instead, I feel like I'm missing out on value I could've gotten (because where a negotiation book is taking up a spot, a solid entrepreneurship book could've gone there).

I understand the reasoning behind it, negotiation is necessary for winning the deals that grow a business after all.

And yet, I'd rather decide for myself if negotiation is a challenge area for me by going to the "best of" list for that category rather than being forced to consider a negotiation book when that wasn't in line with my original goals.

I think the TPM resources list would be more valuable if it allowed for readers to read what they want to read.

With that said, Lucio is a busy guy and the current list serves its purpose well enough for right now, in my opinion.

Even so, I've still taken it upon myself to aim to completely revamp the "best of" entrepreneurship book list with the top books in that category, in the hopes that it will make that section more valuable for TPM visitors—and also so that books meant for other categories can be reserved for those respective categories (which keeps things more organized and clean, in my opinion).

I'll be starting this project soon, perhaps side-by-side with building out a "best of" networking resources list.

Here's to hoping I haven't bitten off more than I can chew on this one :).

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Lucio Buffalmano


Thank you so much, Ali.

This feedback was good and on point that I took immediate action to purge those negotiation books from that list.

I even had to wonder "what the hell was that version of Lucio thinking back then" :D.

I think it might have been the fact that I couldn't find much practical wisdom in the various resources on entrepreneurship.

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Ali Scarlett
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