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Best leadership style in sportteams

Hey Lucio, I operate in a team sports environment. In such a case where I am operating on a sports team as one of the players, what do you recommend as the best leadership style?

I find that it differs quite a bit from a corporate workplace.

Yes, it is quite different than in corporate environments.

As a rule of thumb, the coach is the main leader during training and across the whole season, and the team captain is sort of the "junior leader".
It's during playtime that the team captain's power and leadership increases and shines through.

Men in sports want to win, and they respect anyone who can help them be better players and win. Men tend to respect skills and strength, so  physical strength and game skills will help you to be more respected as a leader.
Social intelligent, confidence, social power and an understanding of power dynamics also help.
But what's even more important is your drive, your will to win, and your strategic vision to achieve that goal. Most team captains indeed reach and keep their status long after their physical peak, when there are plenty of faster players in the field.

totti captain

Totti remained the most legendary captain of Roma until he retired on his 40th birthday when he was, physically, one of the slowest players

During playtime, given the fast-paced and aggressive nature of most sports, a strong leadership style works best.
It's not only OK, but expected to yell orders and directly tell people what to do. To be captain during playtime is not about getting personal or showing respect, it's about winning, so people will not take things personally and do whatever the captain says, as long a the captain remains focused on winning as a team.

Frames are also important.
The captain frame is that there is nothing else happening in the world except the game -that needs to be won-. That also helps keep the pressure low and the emotional intensity high, because you're not much concerned about how good you look, you're concerned about what it takes to win.
The captain's frame is that the game is the most important thing in the world. That's why players with a "we're playing for fun" attitude rarely become captains -and even more rarely become legendary captains-.

Going back to Totti, look at his eyes during playtime:

Those are the eyes of full immersion, of someone who sees nothing but the match. Today, they would call it "flow". Those are the eyes of a captain during playtime.

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