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Best movies to learn power dynamics

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The good boss

  • * Bardem (Blanco) has a lot of power. Even with a lot of power (in your immediate circle; a big fish in small pond syndrome) you don't have an easy life
  •  Monogamous relationships are shit. People cheat and there's suffering
  •  Underlings will use their 'little power' and fuck you. This is very normal in socialism
  •  Dad of screw-up teen: If you don't understand power, you will never get any. And you will suffer for it.
  •  Dad of screw up teen: he tried to use the one connection to power he had (Blanco), but he got screwed.
  •  The security guy's persona is very common in spain: wants to rebel but really can't. And he is played around
  •  Having a single job is dangerous: at 50, you can be fired and you will suffer
  •  Having 2 jobs (not in the movie) doesn't help, you will never rise up with split attention
  •  screw-up boy: you will be manipulated. This is how you find lackeys
  •  Underlings support each other, the boss is always out-group, more so in ambition-less environments like Spain
  •  The Blanco boss calls his employees Family. Family my ass. The Blanco boss was in it for himself, not looking for win wins, and everyone tolerated his paternalistic thing only because they god some limited benefit from it (the 'cornudo' guy got some solace)
  •  "Alpha" guy loading trucks is not submissive to the boss. He has boundaries, knows the alpha boss is bullshitting (high social intelligence!), not necessary to be subservient. He understands power
  •  Bardem (Blanco) fails many times to use his power, even though he's well connected. Plan for this
  •  Solving the problem with the guy camping in front of you proved really hard. People in a position of no apparent power (lackey just fired) can come back at you with a big problem they manufacture out of thing air. More so in a world where the 'story' for the left won (most of the West).
  •  Blanco: Being dominated by an external goal that you don't control (the price) is trouble
  •  Blanco's life is barely under his control. He's alpha, but he fucks up a lot. Most of the time even
  •  "Familia" is a weak attempt at manipulation, and everyone sees that through
  •  Keeping power is a constant struggle, you cannot sleep at the helm
  •  Many relationships are fake. Blanco is really alone
  •  The rich 18yo hot girl is in a position of power over the alpha boss (Blanco), and she knows it.
  •  Rich kids get an education on how to understand power (!!!)
Quote from Lucio Buffalmano on January 17, 2022, 8:21 pm


Wow, what a movie.

It's a great movie. Thanks for the recommendation. It's exactly the kind of movies I'm looking for: power dynamics and frame control (does the alien exist and who has the alien?).

If you liked this movie, I recommend 2 others with the same emphasis on power dynamics and frame control. Of course, Godfather, etc. has the same qualities.

"Dawn of the Planet of Apes"

"Castlevania" (Netflix series)

I would recommend Castlevania in the first place because it's more mature about the power dynamics and frame control.


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Lucio Buffalmano

Thank you for sharing, John!

I've seen the original "Planet of The Apes" and loved it -and even one of the sequels was good-.

So good to know there is a new one now, I had missed that.

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I recommend also "the Book of Bobba Fett". It's all about power dynamics. Bobba Fett is becoming the new local mob boss and has to deal with opposition.

It's not as good as the Mandalorian. However, it's still good. They actually put 2 episodes of the Mandalorian inside the series.

Now I can also say why the mandalorian is a good character to learn power from. He's good to learn powerful body language.

He's also very good at "Frame Resetting". Somebody says something and he starts with a new frame. It's a powerful technique as you can always then follow the other person's Frame if they insist. I think it's part of the frame control toolbox.

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Lucio BuffalmanoBel

Thank you for sharing, John!

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

House of Gucci

House of Gucci - Movie Review

Not a great movie per se, with lots of cuts that just felt "off", but good for power dynamics.

A modern story of intrigue with misaligned interests, seduction (I'll even use a few scenes as examples for the women's section of Seduction University), manipulation, (false) cooperation, and betrayals.

And also the importance of high-level strategies (cover your ass approaches, and misapplying the high-level strategy of cutting off relationships but without making unnecessary enemies).

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thanks! On my list.

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