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Best software for editing images

Hi guys,

I have a few online exchanges that might serve as good case studies and I'd like to edit my images like this:

You'll notice there are power dynamics notes made in the image itself, which has been a great method for my personal comprehension of power dynamics.

Unluckily, my current software is limited to highlighting text, forcing me to make notes in the actual post itself later on.

I'd be grateful for any recommendations you guys can offer on good software that achieves the readability above.

P.S. Here's a thread that displays an example of Lucio's image style and my current one.


Hello Ali,

For the notes you're talking about, I used a software called "TechSmith capture", formerly "Jing".

You take a snapshot, quickly comment on it, and then can upload it to TechSmith's servers directly from the tool (and then link to that page).

You lose some of the picture quality, and that's why in PU I've often replaced those earlier images with properly photoshopped images. Photoshop takes longer, but for a paid course, it was something I had to do.

BUT for quick notes like you're talking about, go TechSmith (or similar) any time, it's great, quick, and effective.

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Thanks, Lucio!

I'll definitely check it out.

I like Photoshop as well.

Canva is a good alternative to Photoshop with a free version.

But I don't think that both are as efficient as TechSmith capture from what Lucio describes.

Just a note on Photoshop, I don't even have it installed anymore, but use it online with Photopea.
Free, faster, and a little game-changer for those who sometimes edit pictures, without having to go full-pro (actually, Photopea is already too advanced for most).

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?
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