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Bill burr method to respond to pushy person

This video shows Ethan who is the host of h3h3 podcast try to bring back a topic which bill burr said he isn't interested in talking about.

Here bill burr goes meta and brings forth that Ethan is being pushy.

This method can be used especially in scenarios where you don't want to talk about something like your age, income, etc and despite expressing your disinterest the other person tries to dive into the topic by making assumptions about why you aren't talking about it.

Ex :

You - I am not interested to talk about my income.

Pushy person - Why are you not interested? / Don't be shy /we won't judge, etc.

You - (Go meta and explain how he is pushing for information) 



Ethan - You don't even wanna say because you are afraid that it will compromise your privacy.

Bill - By all means keep talking about it, is there anyway you can cut this out.


What are your thoughts?



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John Freeman

Wow, that was some clunky interaction.

Seems like Bill Burr was not interested in building bridges or releasing tension, and Ethan didn't know how to do either.

That was more like emotional intelligence.

Later is more power dynamics.

Ethan tried to frame Burr as nervous / aggressive:

Ethan: you sound nervous, I'm sweating here

And Burr ignores the part of him being nervous/aggressive and focuses, thread-expands and builds on Ethan being nervous.

Burr lays the full blame of the communication breakdown on Ethan.

Burr does not take any of that "blame" for the interaction failure.

I generally like Burr and I'm not a fan of h3h3 (not a good vibe on his beef against Jordan Peterson), but that was a power move from Burr and he went on the offense. He was also part of the communication failure, but he shared no blame.

Ethan also didn't know how to answer to that, so he submits and never does anything to regain the frame or re-empower himself. So, unluckily for him, he looks owned and even "guilty" -we know here that being on the receiving end can make you look guilty even when you're not-.

John Freeman has reacted to this post.
John Freeman
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?