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Bloodless leadership takeover

Hello Lucio,

you talked a couple of times of "Bloodless" takeover. Could you please give a detailed explanation of the strategy and process you used to take over the Mercury toastmasters group in Berlin?

That would be great and beneficial for all forum members I think.


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Hey John,

This is both a great topic, and a dangerous one, if framed as a "take over".

Take over is a fair approach and, in some cases, it's the right approach in some environments -in some business situations, it might pay off, and make you more effective if you see it as a take over-.

But, for the group, it's not always the healthiest approach, and particularly so in group of friends / non-profits.

So let me add the due warning:

I don't consider it a "take over", and would never call it that way.
First off, I liked the majority of the people I met there, and the environment -or I wouldn't have stayed-.
And I really like some of them, with whom I'm in touch, with whom I partied, with whom we supported each other, and with whom I still keep in touch and meet when I'm in Berlin.

That being said, it's still an interesting case study indeed.
Part of it is in the article "how to be a great TM president".
And the non-public bits, better in the private area of the forum :).

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

I like your general mindset around leadership. I agree with you regarding the statements above. So let’s see each other on the other side. 😉

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