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Blown away by this website

I just stumbled across your website and I am blown away.

The answers to so many questions have been put together in one spot in such a comprehensive manner.

You mentioned that flagging any mistakes would be of value to you.

As I plan to read through all your posts, I would gladly notify you of any small grammatical changes that could be made.

I am willing to put the extra effort in to make the process as smooth as possible on your end.

Kind Regards!

Thank you so much, B!

You're my new favorite hero!

Typos and grammar mistakes have been an issue that has long plagued this website.
I have taken some steps to address it, and I described how somewhere on the thread of "where I'm at, and what I'm doing". But me going back to the old articles is still an ongoing process, and the new articles aren't 100% perfect either.

So absolutely, any help there is God-sent.

Your message has given a potentially great idea, by the way.
So I posted a big thread where to collect all the inputs on grammar, structure, and content formatting. It's here.

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