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Book links not working

Ciao Lucio,

I'm trying to buy your book on power (is it called Ultimate Power or The Power Bible?--the description and image are different), but when I click on the buy button the page times out. Similarly with the dating book. I've tried on Firefox and Chrome, as well as on a PC (Windows 8.1), and a phone running Android 11.

Is there a fix?



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Lucio Buffalmano

Ciao DHP!

Thank you for posting this in the right medium, place, and giving it a fitting title.

I tried it now and indeed it's not loading when checking out as a guest.
It did work fine when I was logged in though, have you tried later as a logged-in member?


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Matthew Whitewood
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thanks for the quick reply. Logging in did the trick. Reading away already 🙂

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