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Boss managing an angry team member

This is a video of a conflict between Rose(a player) and Mourinho(the coach): Rose is angry that he doesn't play in the first team often enough and so he goes to Mourinho and asks him to talk. Mourinho accepts, so Rose bolts towards Mourinho's office, with Mourinho following him. At the end of the interaction, Rose angrily says he'll go to Daniel(club chairman and Mourinho's boss).

It seems to me that Mourinho wasn't much in control of the situation and the final result was bad, as Rose went over Mourinho's head. Of course, the situation was difficult because Rose came angry and high energy out of nowhere and seems to have surprised Mourinho.

What do you think Mourinho could have done better to control the situation and gain Rose's respect and understanding? Some of my thoughts:

1.He could make Rose explain his problem more:

  • what exactly Rose feels and thinks
  • what are the solutions Rose proposes

This would allow Mourinho to understand Rose's thinking process and would give him more time to handle the situation.

2.He should not react much to Rose

One example when Mourinho reacts is at 2:09.

Rose: "You're the manager."

Mourinho "Yeah."

Another example is at the end, when Rose leaves, Mourinho follows.

Reacting makes Mourinho look weaker, therefore he loses Rose's respect.

3.Clarify what Rose means by "Other people"

Rose: "Other people where s**t in training [..] but played every game. It's not fair."

Mourinho: "It's your perspective."

Rose: "It's facts. Everybody knows."

Here, I think Mourinho should try to find out which people Rose is talking about and why Rose thinks they were s**t. Only then, Mourinho can contradict him.(of course, this is hard to do because of the camera, they are not willing to trash talk other squad members).

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