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Bureaucratic leadership and power


I was not aware of this kind of power until recently. Where I work, it's the people who know the protocols who get their power from the established (hospital) protocols.

"But we have a protocol that says this (the opposite of what you're telling me)"

So, it's very important to know the protocols better than the people who were in the organization for a long time if we want to have any kind of power.

Yes, good observation, absolutely.

Protocols and laws also score high in "trump card-value", in the sense that they tend to be argument-enders.
If you keep pushing, you look like you're going against the established rules, and could be reported.

So, yes, knowing the protocols -and how people usually go around them- is important to acquire power -or to avoid losing power, as in when people remind you that you're going against the protocols-.
And that's another reason why when first stepping into a new workplace, learning is higher priority than power, since power will later be a consequence of that learning.

Also notice how people who use that line are breaking rapport and are (unwittingly) stuck in an uncollaborative frame (and potentially it's a power move).
If they wanted to be more tactful, keep rapport, or preserve your power, then one would say:

Yeah, what you ask make sense. We do have this protocol that says this, though. Maybe we can do this and that to reach the same goal?


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Thanks for your answer!

It is my next priority: get my hands on the protocols! 🙂

On a larger note when it comes to bureacracy:

In short: Putin explains that presidents in democracies have limited power, since the bureaucracy around them is almost like having a rail system that strongly limits their freedom.

Probably lots of bureaucracy is good for governments since a despot like Trump will not be able to take over.
But in companies, if a CEO wants to make big changes, then he might have to dismantle some bureaucracy first.


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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?