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Can I expense PU with my company's training budget?

I am very much interested in the course and have got it approved as a training from my company.

I am interested more in negotiation, conflict resolution etc.

I have to give the link to your website to my training team for further evaluation.
Your homepage mentions dating aspects quite prominently.

I am pretty sure that it's very useful for many of the other customers. In my case it might unfortunately cause the official training team to disqualify it.

Here's where I want your help.
Is there any web page which focuses exclusively on the aspects relevant to a corporate scenario which I can share with my employer?
That'll help immensely and I would like to evangelize your course to my professional circle too.

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Hello S,

Nice going at getting your company's approval and... I totally understand the issue.

I see two sides to that: long term, and short term.

There is much focus on dating in the current marketing of the course, that's true. But the course is so much more that I've often thought about changing that.
And it will now happen once "Seduction University" is released, hopefully this year.

Now for the short term, and since we're all about smart strategies to win, I have thought about this: if you create or link me a sales page that your corporate training center will likely accept, I will use it to create a dud new product in the "store" section of the website.
Then you can send that link to corporate, and once it's purchased, I will send the access details for PU to whatever email address bought that course.

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Just as an update, we made this work.

So if in the future someone's interested in expensing the course via the company's training center, that might be doable.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?