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Can't access book summaries

Hi Lucio,

Im a member of social power moves but I can't access the password protected summaries of books even when I enter my login password for social power. What's up with that?


Hey R!

One thing man, if you could please try to open the thread in the correct forum, that would be awesome.
Otherwise, I'll have to move it.
Sometimes it's up to the interpretation of course, but for example, this type of post could go either on "random" or on "feedback". Maybe even "pre-sales" questions, but definitely not on "start here", which is for intros.

Anyway, about your question, Social Power and full website access are two different products.
The subscribers also get the password for the password-protected posts.

But just for you -and for those who end up reading here-, the password is: ******

I'm putting passwords on some posts as part of a content strategy.
I'm not going for quantity, so the books that I don't consider necessary or not adding enough value, I'm either dropping them or putting them behind a password.



Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thanks! Sorry, will keep the post section thing in mind next time

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