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(Solved) cant access

hi, I am new here and I have a little problem.I cant access inside course content. I only have access to "Welcome to Power University" .Do I am missing something? And I am charged twice and a big mess on my transactions for payment. Can you fix it?


Hello Ash,

To clarify both to you and future potential users:

  1. You were charged for all the times you went through the checkout while trying to access Power University. Part of it is my fault. Ash was the first customer with the new system, and  now I have improved the process to make it mistake-proof
  2. I refunded you the extra payment immediately, canceled the extra-subscriptions, and communicated that much to you via email. See snapshot below. As a student of power dynamics, please consider the effects of how you express yourself. Your initial message can make this business look untrustworthy in the eyes of someone who doesn't know the whole story
  3. The system took the refunds and cancellations to mean that you had canceled, that's why the access was removed (this was my mistake in not realizing it)
  4. Now you have access (see 3rd snapshot below). Follow the original instructions in the welcome email and/or the welcome page, and you're good.


Email 1

Email 2

Current access:


Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?