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Change in refund policy: 33% threshold

I scrapped the "drip feed" system in Power University, such as releasing modules at a time interval.

That system had a major drawback: to protect against a tiny minority who might have wanted to abuse the system, everyone had to pay a price (and several people let me know they weren't happy with the system). And that's not a good system.

So now the course opens up fully from the moment of purchase.

I did add another tool to protect against the tiny minority who might want to abuse the system though: the "33% threshold".

That means that a student can open up to 33% of all the lessons & quizzes before deciding whether it's good for him, or not.
1/3 of the lessons and 30 days should be more than enough for people to judge whether the course is right for them or not, while still protecting the website against the tiny minority who might want to open every single lesson, copy them, and then ask for a refund (or speed-read through the lessons they wanted, and then ask for a refund before the 30 days are over).

I think this system provides the same level of protection to the website, with much smaller costs, if any, to everyone who wants to start the course.

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Matthew Whitewoodselffriend
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thanks Lucio.

I'm curious whether anyone genuinely didn't find the course useful. I found every module in Power University very useful and practical. Practical is a huge keyword because so many social skill courses are not practical.

Though I do find it hard to convince my friends to take the course. As you mentioned before, there's no need to spend too much time convincing sometimes. Say once and let people decide.

I do think this change is brilliant because people can hop around to the workplace or dating modules and find what they like. And then evaluate whether this course gives them value.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Yeah, refund rates are very low, albeit I never calculated the percentage (one of those stats that would take some time to compile, but add limited value in my opinion since I wouldn't do any changes based on that stat).

Maybe it could serve for marketing though, saying something "99% of people are happy, here's a snapshot of the refund rate".
But product quality and advancing power dynamics come before marketing, so probably not going to do it any time soon.

Sometimes I checked people's usage when they asked for a refund, and noticed that pattern of going through all lessons in a module, and then asking for a refund, which made me think of a possible pre-meditated approach -and that's why the threshold change-.
Often it was the dating module, by the way, and the funny thing is that those people don't realize that there probably was more dating value in all the other modules, as they are the foundations of being high-value, rather than in the dating module alone.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?