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Character traits

Hello everyone,

here is a simple, somewhat obvious but useful idea that I’m sharing with you.

Character traits can seem somewhat abstract: courage, wisdom, kindness, etc.

In self-development we do our best to develop existing and new character traits.

The question is: what is a character trait?

As Tom Bilyeu said: only execution matters. That means that only our action counts. The best thoughts and ideas without action are useless.

So to me characters traits are behavior (patterns) repeated over time.

What is a courageous person?

It’s someone who’s been acting courageously over and over again. Courage being facing one’s fear.

So if we put it together: a courageous person is someone who’s been facing their fears repeatedly. That is now there is a neuronal circuit (a behaviour) that’s been created through repetition. A program (behaviour) is now stored in our brain and mind. The more we practice it the easier it is to do it as we reinforce the connections in our brains. Then all we need to do is trigger it (internal or external trigger) and the program runs by itself. That  means that the more we do it the more automatic it becomes. Conscious competence becomes unconscious competence. That is something close to mastery.

How is this idea useful?

Now, to use this: one has to select a character trait she or he wants to acquire and then break it down. What is wisdom/willpower/kindness? Just look it up on Wikipedia, another source or come up with your own definition. This definition should contain an action in order to be actionable of course. Then the game becomes about repeating this action over and over until it becomes a skill readily accessible or automatic.

Comments and questions are welcome!


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