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Coaching + can you open Social Power all at once?

This question arrived via email:


I hope you're doing well, and surviving this quarantine 🙂

I read you prefer questions in the forum, yet it seemed a bit impertinent to post it there. I do hope you'll forgive me the long winded email.

So here's the story. My name is J*******, and stuck at home as I am, I figured I'll make a good use of the time and take on a project that interests me.

And so having recently read Ultralearning (don't know if you're familiar with it, but judging by your site, the review section was phenomenal btw, it does seem like you read even more voraciously then I do) I constructed what he calls a Meta-Learning Map of self-improvement and power dynamics.

The inspiration for the project was several books I read on the skills and subjects of the domain. Greene, Carnegie, Joe Navarro and the Pierces etc. Found out and read Power Cues today from your recommended list btw, some parts were eye opening to be honest. So thanks for that!
Scott suggests first finding a curriculum and emphasizing and detracting from there, and from my research so far your course covers A LOT of the skills and concepts I have included in my map and seems to expound on them.

So basically I'd like to enroll for the 268$ option that includes everything. And i also have a question - Could you unlock the whole course for me from the begining? We're pretty much in lockdown here for the next three weeks.

One last thing, as I'll most probably be a student of yours, I'd love to pick your brain about ideas for methods to practise with the quarantine. But let's save that for when I'll be enrolled. This email turned out really long.

I hope you'll have a really good day Lucio, and thanks a lot in advance.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Hello J!

Not impertinent at all, as you can see I put it here myself 🙂

And man, thank you for putting "Ultralearning" on the map, I didn't know about it and I immediately added it to my reading list.
If I get the gist right, it's exactly what I'm doing with ThePowerMoves and with its products: condense information on a certain topic in a way that's immediately accessible and practical.

To answer your questions:

  1. It's not possible to unlock the course all at once. That being said, I believe there is enough material in each module that it's best to take a few days to digest it before the next one. I am aware some people might not care about a certain module, say, "dating" or "relationships", or "work". Yet, each module will help you understand people that much better, even if you don't wanna date or have a relationship, or are a wealthy heir who doesn't need to work
  2. You can ask questions about the course material in the forums at any time: there is a private forum section to ask about the course material where I always reply personally. The coaching I'm doing now is focused on the course material

Finally, as a suggestion, avoid the expression "pick someone's brain" like you're avoiding Corona these days.

I quote what Fran Hauser says in one the career-strategies book I've just read recently:

‘Pick your brain’ is non-reciprocal and exploitative.
People who hear this a lot tend to cringe.
These people are super time constrained and need to see something in it for them. The offer of coffee does not make it more attractive. Somehow, this wording has amped up in the last month or so, after having receded for a few years. It’s a problem. Instead: make it reciprocal (‘feedback’/‘brainstorm’), make it QUICK and easy (a 20-min phone call, not in-person coffee), and at the close, ask how you can be helpful in return. Please share this out, friends. We need to break the chain.”

Also check out this thread for more examples on reciprocity (or lack thereof):

And this article:


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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?
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