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Companies' (D)Evolution: from value-giving, to value-milking, to manipulating (Backlinko)

Many businesses follow a pattern.

And some businesses go from value-creation, to value-maximization (to, potentially, value-taking as they struggle to survive).

While in the first phase they focus on giving and producing value, in the second part they focus on making as much money as possible.

That's when some can decrease quality, increase marketing/manipulation, or even turn nasty/cutthroat.

Backlinko is the most recent example that prompted me to write this forum post.

I am subscribed because Brian Dean, the founder, used to share boatloads of value and wisdom.
He achieved post, status, and a loyal following because of the value he was giving.

His emails used to be something like 4 instances of free value-giving, and 1 of selling (my very general estimation).

Then, at a certain point, he had enough status and enough following that he could coast.
At that point, it was more like "normal good business".

Then in March he sold his business to big corp (Semrush).

And that's where he have moved to milking.

In his last 4 emails there was zero free value giving, and all pitching a "new course":

backlinko marketing

He (or Semrush) are now cashing in on the reputation and PAST value-creation.

I don't know the value of these courses.
But if they're run-of-the-mill courses, then this is where it might have tipped the scale into taking more than he gives.

Man, I hope TPM never goes through that shit.

But if one day you'll receive 4 emails in a short timeframe pitching a new course, stick with the original groundbreaking stuff, and unsub ASAP :).

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