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Congratulations Lucio

Hey Lucio, I remember when  I stumbled upon this site 1-2 years ago a while back.I had a hard time finding this website using google .Now it’s ranked 2nd on my Google Search Engine.I’m amazed that you posted so frequently with such high quality articles and eventually made Ebooks and a course called “Power University” which I love.I think what I learnt in the course is gonna extend to a lifetime ahead of me.It really helped me in terms of asserting myself and becoming less submissive.I can  not describe my gratitude for this knowledge of power.I’m really glad,I found this website early on.Thanks Lucio.

Hello Dre!

Thank you for writing that, man.

It has come a long way indeed.

This May, it's been 3 years since it first went online.
If I consider researching and reading as part of work, which definitely is for me, then I worked every single day during these three years. Including all weekends, Christmas, and New Years' Days.

But kudos to you for making the most out of it.
You'd be surprised how many people purchase the course and never go through it. Or stumble upon good information, and do nothing with it.


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